5 Sony Xperia Features No Other Phone Has

5 Sony Xperia Features No Other Phone Has


Sony Xperia is a line of Sony smartphones. All of them run Android and are the real entertainment centres that allow you to listen to the music, record and watch videos, take amazing pictures, play, work and stay in touch with friends and colleagues. Sony has released three Xperia models with different functions: Xperia SP with 4G LTE technology and great viewing possibilities, Xperia L with excellent camera with HDR technology and Xperia Z which is dust- and waterproof.

5 top features of Sony Xperia

The first one is no doubt the display which is a 5 inch full HD screen in Xperia Z with 443 pixels per inch, extremely bright with no sensor or air layer that provides better touch. It has perfect colour and contrast adjustment, noise reduction and sharpness filter and is less glassy that makes it more comfortable to use.

The second feature that catches the eye is the design of the Xperia. It has slightly rounded corners and glass on every side. And be sure that only the best materials are used: aluminium for the buttons and tempered glass for the body. So it is a reliable phone that will serve you for ages. And as it has already been mentioned the absence of air layer provides better sensibility and makes the phone slimmer.

The third but so important feature is the camera. A 13 megapixel camera with auto focus and 16x digital zoom able to record video in HD quality and preserve natural colours in the photos and videos made in any light. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology used in the camera helps to take optimized photos by means of capturing the same image at different exposure levels. This makes photos crisp and bright.

The fourth feature of the Xperia is the processor and the battery. The smartphone has a quadcore processor which is extremely fast and highly productive that allows you to use many heavy applications at the same time without using much of the battery power. The battery itself is very powerful and long-lasting. And the graphics of the smartphone is excellent so you can easily watch films and play video games.

And not the least feature of the Xperia smartphone is its connectivity. It has one touch function based on NFC (near field communication) technology that will connect your smartphone to any other supportable device without any wires or adjustments.


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