7 Tips To Save Battery While Running iOS7 On Your iPhone

7 Tips To Save Battery While Running iOS7 On Your iPhone

Apple released its newest and most innovative device the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C recently. Along with them a new iOS named as iOS 7 came with a bang and impressed everyone including users and developers. It has many amazing and stylish features which make the iDevices look very attractive but there is one major flaw i.e. it drains battery life more quickly as compared to its predecessors. In order to save the battery life following these steps can be very helpful.

7 Tips to save battery

7 Tips to save battery

Effective 7 Tips To Save The Battery

These are very simple and old school tricks 7 tips to save battery which will assist you to reduce the battery consumption by the iOS 7.

1. Lower The Brightness:

The first and foremost thing you should do is go the settings on your iPhone and enter the Screen Brightness option. There you have slide the brightness bar to the lowest level or simply select auto-brightness. By doing so, the battery consumed by high brightness will be cut down which will result in saving of battery.

2.  Turnoff The Background Applications:

Apple claims that all the unused applications are automatically turned off in order to reduce the battery usage. Therefore the 2nd of the 7 Tips to save battery is to forcefully kill all the applications which you don’t want to run in the background.

3. Kill the Parallax Feature:

To make the iOS 7 more interesting and user-friendly, Apple has introduced a new feature called as Parallax. By this feature you see the application icons tilting when you tilt your smartphone. This causes dizziness. So you have to turn it off from the settings in order to save the battery as the Parallax feature uses huge amount of battery so it can power the gyroscope sensor.

4. Disable the Location Services:

Unless you travel a lot or keep check on your friends and family at all the time, you don’t need the Location Services. This feature is used by multiple applications like Maps, Facebook and online shops etc. you can disable this feature by going in the privacy option. By doing this, you will save a lot of battery life.

5. Close the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other Connectivity options:

When you go outdoors, you don’t have excess to Wi-Fi or other connections. So it is better to turn off all the additional connections which consume bulks of energy from your battery. One of 7 Tips to save battery is to close Bluetooth, AirDrop and 2G/3G options (if not using).

6. Place Less Icons on Home screen:

The iPhones are surely very powerful and heavy duty devices but this does not mean that you overload the device’s homepage with applications. The more icons you place, the more battery it takes to load them. The most important trick of the 7 Tips to save battery is to keep only selected icons on your front page and simply search the rest with Apple’s Spotlight utility.

7. Turnoff Automatic Updates:

The last but not the least tip from 7 Tips to save battery is that you can close the Automatic Application updates option which is by default turned on by Apple in their new iOS 7. By this your 2G/3G or Wi-Fi will not be used unless you want it to. All these tips will help to control and cope up with the battery loss caused by the new iOS 7.

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