Amazon Fire Phone Price, Specs and Features

Amazon Fire Phone Price, Specs and Features

Amazon Fire Phone Price


As we all know that earlier, Amazon was known to produce e-book readers and tablets which gained quite a good access. Now, they have move on to making smart phones. The Amazon Fire is a good phone full of fun features however it does lack some good and basic requirements. The unique part of the Amazon Fire phone is that gives its user some extra features when it comes to buyers. The top three of these notable characteristics include head-tracking, a fast customer service and product scanning. Overall, the phone is not bad at all. However, we feel that it could perform better and last longer provided the battery life is not something we expect from a device of this expense. The Amazon Fire Phone is around 300 dollars or 30,000 Pakistani Rupees and is mostly carrier-locked. Unlocked is around 650,000 rupees

If we talk about the dimensions and compare it to the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S5, you will notice that the Amazon Fire is thicker. However, it’s thinner than the HTC ONE M8 and The Motorola X. Although, they’ve designed it in such a way that the overall look and feel of this phone is thicker than all of the other competitors. The good part is that the phone is easily usable by a single hand, the 4.7 inches screen is decent and the grip of the phone is really good for single-handed users. However, on the back-side you can see a big Amazon logo. Even though the phone is carrier-locked to AT&T, you can’t see any logo which specifies that. Talking of the front, the phone has 4 sensors and the selfie camera. These look pretty bad for a smartphone, it’s like a Kinect. The technical stuff specifies the LCD at 720p with a pixel density of 315 per inch. The viewing angles are good and the text is readable, maybe that’s because they have had a decent experience in making e-books. The Amazon Fire phone price is 200 dollars for the 32GB version. However the Amazon Fire phone Price of the 64GB model is 300 dollars or around 30,000 rupees as you can say. The drawback is that you cannot enter a MicroSD slot in it. We expected a SD slot considering the Amazon Fire phone Price. The Amazon Fire phone price (retail) is around 65,000 PKR.



Amazon Fire Phone Price (Contract): 300 dollars

Amazon Fire Phone Price (Retail): 650 dollars



Screen Size: 4.7 inches

Screen Resolution: 1280×720

Display Technology: IPS LCD



Processor Clock Speed: 2.2GHZ quad-core

Processor: Snapdragon 800

Core: Quad 2.2

Built in Storage:


Expandable Storage: No

Dual Sim: No



Back Camera (Primary): 13 mega pixels

Front Camera (Secondary): 2.1 mega pixels

Flash Light: Yes


Operating System: Fire OS 3.5 (Unique and Android Based)






Connectivity: Bluetooth, LTE, HSPA, GSM

Applications Supported: Google Play Store and its various applications

In short, the Amazon Fire Phone is an innovative project. Although, it could have been a lot better. The appearance doesn’t look premium and gives a very odd feeling. Moreover, the battery is something you don’t expect to be a lot better as the Amazon Fire Phone Price is around 65,000 rupees.



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