Android Lollipop Security Includes Major Improvements

Android Lollipop Security

Android Lollipop Security Improvements

With each of the software which comes for any phone. Security is the most important aspect any user wants. The Android Lollipop Security has been refined, better than ever as per the Google staff suggests. It has been said that with the Android Lollipop Security, users will need to set it up once and then forget about it. The devices will be as secured as they can ever be.

The Android Lollipop security has a number of good updates. Some are software based whereas most of them are installed to the core of the Android Lollipop itself. Starting with the new lock methods to keep your device secure, there are numerous other methods which are built to secure your privacy and information.

As per the head of security, Adrian Ludwig who might be arrogant or knows the Lollipop is highly capable. In his very own words says that “I don’t think it’s realistic that the average person should care about security”. This statement was given in a conference call in which the reporters asked about the security features of Lollipop. Surely, this statement has a lot of worth for the Android Lollipop Security.

The three most vital introductions or revisions in other words are the Lock screen, device manager and the encryption of your devices. We all know of the lock screen…device manager can help you find and remotely wipe your device. Whereas, by encrypting data, you can block the hackers from accessing your data (or at least, with the ease they want it to be)

Kill Switch:

The Kill switch is basically a feature by which you can disable your stolen phones. This is also known as the Factory Reset Protection, you need the owner’s Google password to wipe the phone’s data. A similar feature was seen by Apple in the iOS 8.

Facelock is also revised, better analyzing of the security. Previously, I and my cousin could unlock each other’s cellphone via the face recognition. We are hoping this will change in the upcoming version of Android. Surely, this is a big question for the Android Lollipop Security.

The encryption works differently now, the data is automatically encrypted as you keep on adding it. When you power on your Lollipop device and start using it, the device creates a unique key which is only for that device. All the data of that device is only opened and accessible by that device only. Unless, of course you’re using third party applications which are designed to over-read the information and work as per your requirements.

Last but not the least of the points to mention about Android Lollipop Security is the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux). This secures the apps you are going to use individually. Earlier, the applications could contain several malware and viruses by which your information could get leaked. Android Lollipop Security team has revised all this, now your phones and applications are less vulnerable to catching viruses and letting the hackers sneak through. Let’s hope all this is actually as true as we have been told by the Android team!

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