Angry Birds Go! Launched for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8

If you have been a big fan of the Angry Birds, then you must be aware that the Angry Birds Go! is now available for all operating systems such as the Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Hitting the platforms all at once, this new version of the game is set to bring all eyes on them mainly because of the previous successes brought to the company due to the game’s previous versions.

Angry Birds Go!

The Game Angry Birds Go!

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds Go! launched this new game in December 2014. This new version is a kart racer game which merges the Angry Bird effect with kart racing. If you are big fan of racing or your children are, this game is the right one for you. This is the new installment of Angry Birds which was previously available on the iOS store for New Zealand. The game has been highly successful there with the in-app purchases amounting to as high as $100.

The game is now available across Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry 10. You can readily download the game and begin your kart racing experience today! According to the statements put forward by Rovio, the game involves a 3D piggy island which will be loved by all. In addition to this, the graphics of the game are rich and include stunts, off-road races and cars which give the game a whole new meaning.

Although the game is free to download, there are several in-app purchases. The company promises that new content will be added to the Angry Birds Go! in Spring 2014 and the multiplayer option will be one of them. Until then, its players can enjoy playing solo.

The Reviews

It is said that the Angry Birds Go! is observed to be quite similar to the high-octane downhill racer, Super Mario Kart. The karts used are upgradable and the characters involved have special powers which make the game a lot more interesting. Rovio says that the company will support Hasbro’s Telepods just like the previous Angry Birds Star Wars II did.

Head to the Android, Blackberry, Windows or iOS stores today to get your copy of the Angry Birds Go! absolutely free! Lastly, the game is the eighth installment in the series and has energy systems, power-ups and several more add-ons which give the game a whole new meaning.

Play with a selection of 50 different karts and make your own record at the Angry Birds Go! game today! The app for this game is available for free so get your kart racing on today!

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