Apple iOS7 Features, Reviews and Disadvantages

Apple iOS 7 Features , Reviews and Disadvantages

Apple iOS7 is the next operating system presented by the company. It is so far the best operating system in the history of Apple and is for all series like iPhones, iPad Touch and iPad. This version is remarkably and gives people a great iPhone experience. Apple iOS7 features have certain disadvantages that you should know.

Apple iOS7 features

Important Apple iOS7 Features

  • iOS7 provides a complete user interface with the ability to adapt colors and amazing swipe gestures.
  • In this new operating system, the system folders and icons are improved and there are also animated icons.
  • The dynamic wallpapers in this new system are simply amazing.
  • The control center is equipped with shortcuts, multimedia controls and toggles.
  • The notification center is updated with the inclusion of three tabs.
  • Every application has a tendency to multitask with the fresh card interface.
  • The Safari browser is also updated with a integrated search field.
  • There is also iTunes radio this time in iOS7.
  • The compass app has an inclinometer this time.
  • The camera filters contain new square feature and also live preview.
  • The photos app is completely new with amazing picture editing and photo organization.
  • The weather app now includes weather animations.
  • The maps are updated with turn-by-turn and night mode features.
  • The Siri interface is also new with new commands interface this time.
  • With the contact blacklist feature, you can block any contact you want.

These are the important Apple iOS7 features. These features are simply amazing and let you have great experience on the iPhone.


  • Apple iOS7 is too much dependent on iTunes to upload multimedia or files.
  • There is no open file function and this means that you will have to duplicate the files.
  • The integration of third party services and social networks is very limited.
  • There are no widgets in the iOS7.
  • There are no shortcuts for lock screen.
  • The camera user interface has very limited features.
  • The codecs support is also limited.
  • The iTunes radio only functions in US.

These are some minor disadvantages of Apple iOS7 features that are not much important, as the features of this operating system are simply beyond amazing.  The Apple iOS7 will be seeded to the iPhone 4,4s and 5 and on iPad.  This operating system will be launched with the upcoming iPhone 5s and 5c.

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