Assassin’s Creed Pirates Will Hit iOS and Android this December

Assassin’s Creed Pirates Will Hit iOS and Android this December

The Assasin’s Creed Pirates games now finally has a date on which it will be released. The Assassin’s Creed Pirates will hit iOS and android , Amazon stores and Google stores etc on the 5th of December. This game will cost you about $2.99. the game will be featuring a very popular naval combat system which was first seen the in the part 3 of the Assasin’s Creed Pirates, then in part 4 it will have Black Flag and by the next part it will have exploration of the Caribbean in it along with treasure hunting.

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

About Assassin’s Creed Pirates


As the Assassin’s Creed Pirates launched,  it will make its players explore the Golden Age of Pirates in the Caribbean while being an ambitious, young captain named Alonzo Batilla. In this game the players will be asked to play the game as if it was a real life experience in which they will have to manage the employees, give them orders, fire them and then hire new ones and guide them in the journey; all to become one of the most feared pirate in the entire Caribbean. So just like that players will have to fight naval battles and through it claim the treasure of La Buse. During their journey the players will come across some of the famous pirates from the history such as Blackbeard, Hornigold etc.

This game has been developed by the Ubisoft Paris and it will have some of the 3D features displayed in it once the Assassin’s Creed Pirates hits iOS and android this December. By this I mean that the features such as green, flowing water and other high end graphics will be displayed on the screen on PCs when players play it.

This game the Assasin’s Creed Pirates is basically a series of games and it continues. The most recent game which was released last month named the Assasin’s Creed 4 is widely available on Xbox, PCs and on Playstations. Now this game is being used as a launch title by the next generation of Playstation that is Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. So I am guessing that this game really has something in it which makes it worth being a launch title.

It would be something which gamers must be prepared for. The day Assassin’s Creed Pirates launched, people would see a new era in gaming, at least that’s what they have been promising.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics of this game purely depends on the device in which you are playing it as each device would portray different colors etc. but the combat graphics in general of this game are amazing and with the sound provided it makes it all worthwhile playing this game. The sound I must say make the game more interesting and realistic to play by giving one an edge of the seat feeling.


I thought in the beginning that the game cannot be justified by playing it like once I saw the trailers etc. but now that I have played the game it seems like it has been justified.

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