Casual Games for iPad – The Best 5

Casual Games for iPad – The  Best 5

casual games for iPad

casual games for iPad

Are you looking for games which do not ask for much? Does playing a game relax you? If you want to go casual gaming, you can go for it on your iPad with some of the coolest games of all time. Worry no more about your game’s progress and play as you like with one of the following casual games for iPad which will keep you busy when you  are too bored to do anything else. In the lines that follow, you can read about the top 5 casual games and decide which one would you like to try. Let’s begin:

Some Casual Games For iPad

Battle Nations

If military combat and strategy is what makes your day then this one of the casual games for iPad is perhaps the right pick for you. This is a player versus player game meaning you will to get one of your friends to play the game with you. With comic lines and attractive graphics this one is hard to leave once you get playing. Although the game does not require your complete attention but you would want to spend some time to unlock several features which will help you as the game progresses.

Clash of Clans

Set in an encampment setting, the game required to team up with a clan and raid the camps of other players who are online. If you do not want to get a friend to play along, this game has a number of single play levels which means you can play on your own without having the need to socialize much. It is colorful, modern and an excellent play regardless.

Hay Day

Another of the popular casual games for iPad, Hay Day is all about farming and livestock. In this particular game you grow and harvest crops, look after the animals and sell the finished crops in order to gain more points. If you like a countryside setting then there is no reason as to why you would not want to play Hay Day. Raise your livestock today!

Pixel People

Are you fantasized by the concept of cloning? Have you ever thought how it would be to mix genes to create the utopia you have always dreamt of? If yes, Pixel People is one of the casual games for iPad which you are sure to fall in love with. Clone your workers and build a futuristic city which is what this game aims to provide. Bid farewell to the real world for a little while and dive into the world of Pixel People today!


Added to the list of casual games for iPad, the final game is the Township. If you have a desire to build an entire city of your own, this one should be your pick. From shopping malls to restaurants, houses to airports and theatres to amusements, you can build the city you have always desired to have with this particular game.

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