The Centaurus Mall A New Identity Of Islamabad

The Centaurus Mall A New Identity Of Islamabad

Centaurus Mall as we all know is the latest development in Pakistan. If you see it, no one will ever say that it is located in country with economic instability and problems. With breath taking view of Margalla hills draped behind, this 40 stories building is a master piece. Its initial concept is one seen in Dubai and Sharjah. It is 3 building connected to one another through 4 stories of shopping mall. Also this master plan on Centaurus Mall contains a “fun place” for children, a luxury cinema, hotel residence and an office. Doesn’t it sound more like a concept for foreign country rather than in Pakistan!

Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall

The truth behind it is, project for Centaurus Mall is in progress for many years. Due to many disturbances in country engineers were not able to inaugurate it on time. Keeping all things aside we now know that this huge mall exists and a very nice place to shop at. As we all know that Karachi and Lahore has always been the centre of attention for development projects. Islamabad being the capital and a planned city never included any shopping mall. Although the city has many head offices for companies and sky scrapers but no particular centre for shopping. The most posche area in Islamabad is Super and Jinnah Super where you can find brands both local and national. Another famous area is Blue area with all branded shops there. It was dire need of Islamabad to have a proper shopping mall like they have in Karachi and Lahore.

About Centaurus Mall:

Design for Centaurus Mall is made by AW Atkins, the same firm that designed large malls of Dubai like Burj ul Arab, Twisting Tower and Jumeirah Beach hotel. Likewise they have put up a lot of efforts for making of Centaurus Mall. Else than being symbols of status and a proud moment for people of Islamabad this mall is also source of foreign income and popularity of local brands. 4 stories of Mall that are occupied with shops are almost 80% booked. High costs are charged for each shop as they will earn high revenues. There is no controversy in fact that along with locals shopping at Centaurus Mall there will also be foreign visitors. This type of mall will depict good picture of Pakistan to the outer world.

Centaurus Mall gives people of Islamabad and tourist a place to have a safe shopping environment. Now Islamabadites also have their source of identity and satisfaction of sense of recognition. This mall is also a sign of prosperity. Despite of all circumstances, Pakistan is able to facilitate 5 star quality hotel and shopping mall with huge budgets and revenues.

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