Digital Wallet App For iPhones By Google

Digital Wallet App For iPhones By Google

Google has always been providing great applications to its operating system Android and now it is taking its hands on iPhones as it is launching an app for iPhones now. According to the latest news, Google is now launching digital wallet app for iPhones. This will upstage the Apple in its own devices. The wallet app is a challenge against the built in iPhone app named as Passbook.

digital wallet app for iPhones

digital wallet app for iPhones

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About Digital Wallet App For iPhones


The Passbook and the digital wallet app for iPhones will enable the iPhone users to save their loyalty cards from merchants and also  search the coupons that offer discounts. The wallet app also enables the users to make online transactions on few mobile websites by storing their credit or debit card numbers on the application. You can even save the payment details on Passbook.

The release of the digital wallet app for iPhones arrives after some days a very  identical version was released on the android smart phones. Google gives Android without any charges and this factor has caused the siphon sales to go away from the iPhones causing the other smart phone manufacturers to sell at cheaper prices.  Around three smart phones out of every four that were sold in the first 6 months of the year were the android operated smart phones.  Whereas, the iphone has a 16% share of the entire global market.

Why Google Is Connecting With Apple?

The high prices of iPhones attract more rich customers who do not hesitate to pay more money to buy a phone and this is the reason that Google is not curious to connect with the customers of Apple. Previously, Google has wanted to outshine the built in apps in the iPhone with its apps like chrome browser and digital maps.

With the digital wallet app for iPhones, Google wants to enter the consumer market of iPhones. The application without any doubt will work in the best way possible as all the applications by Google never fail to make the people satisfied with their performance.

The launch of this app will create curiousness in the users and they will definitely tend to download the application. Google is also launching its new android version named Kitkat that will be available in the upcoming smart phones from Samsung HTC and other brands.

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