EverythingMe and Mozilla Launched Firefox Launcher – An Android Homescreen

EverythingMe and Mozilla Launched Firefox Launcher – An Android Homescreen

Firefox Launcher

Mozilla and EverythingMe has come along with a new android home screen launcher for all android phones to overcome the application load on phone. Main screen is new with some changes in user interface. This application is a launcher not an OS but recently back in 2013 Firefox officially launched Firefox OS and OS Mobile Phone.

Firefox Launcher is most probably have some similarities like Facebook Home. There are many launcher available like Go launcher and many more. But Firefox Launcher have some new features like prediction bar by which will work according to time e.g. if it is morning it will come up with some apps that are related to it like a newspaper app, today’s horoscope, weather or Facebook.

Firefox Launcher will automatically create all folders of recent app you have used. This launcher can be used as new homescreen replacement. if you want to get rid of your default home screen or looking for a good launcher Firefox Launcher is waiting for you more details are coming soon as when we will get hands on it.

Up till now EverythingMe and Mozilla has come up with just a demo of this launcher but Firefox launcher will only be available on all android devices soon. No release date has been given by both companies. But it is expected to be available in next 2 or 3 weeks.


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