Expected Features of iPhone 5S based on Rumors

Expected Features of iPhone 5S based on Rumors


People always get fed up with the latest technology after some time of its release. They wish to see even a better technology than the latest technology present at the moment. One of the devices that have somehow become a necessity of life is the cell phone. The technology of cell phones have now advanced to smart phones and people keep expecting betterment in this niche of technology. One of the leading companies in this area is Apple. Apple has its customers throughout the world and people are literally crazy about its products, especially the iPhone. The latest in the series of iPhone is iPhone 5.

Apple is known for introducing unique features in its products. It is that company which made the concept of touch-screen so popular. Whenever Apple is planning to launch a new product, people throughout the globe become curious thinking that what new will be introduced this time. Many people take advantage of this curiosity and start spreading rumors all over the internet about the next big release of Apple. They not only spread fake words but also spread fake images saying that the upcoming release will be something like this. Many people believe in these rumors, others wait for the officials to crack the news.

The next expected thing from the Apple is iPhone 5S. The fact cannot be denied that the reviews of iPhone 5 were not upto the mark and Apple is even aware of it. That is the reason people are expecting some real great features this time. There is news on internet that is seen to be iPhone 5S specs but it cannot be yet said that they are rumors because these articles are present with sufficient proofs. Of course it is not a difficult thing to produce forged images but still the benefit of doubt is in the favor of the news.

According to the news, iPhone 5S will be having dual LED flash light just beside the camera at the back. The camera of iPhone 5 is of 8 Mega-pixels with a single LED flash light. The camera of 5S might not have any change in the specs but might have a dual LED light. It will most probably be of shape of a pill with a small separation between to LEDs. At least this is what has been shown through leaked iPhone 5S images. This will surely make photography through iPhone better.

One more feature that is said to be a part of iPhone 5S is the slow motion camera. This sounds something new and unique. It will be an exclusive feature of iPhone 5S and will be known as ‘Mogul’. This feature cannot be activated on iPhone 5 because of unsupported hardware. With the help of this feature, more frames can be captured per second that will allow recording of video in slow motion.

Many great things are being expected. Many people have even started designing crazy wallpapers for iPhone 5S. Fingers are crossed and people are hoping for the best.



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