Five of the Toughest Tablets You Can Buy

Five of the Toughest Tablets You Can Buy:

Smart phones, as you well know, go through quite a lot of rough usage. On the other hand, tablets are pretty much covered in protective gear so that it doesn’t fall or get scratched that often. However, have you considered going to remote locations with your tablets? For instance, a trekking or a mountaineering trip in which you could use some tablet entertainment?  For rough use, most of the tablets available today are not quite good. We have to look for some others. In this article, we have a list of tablet computers that have been tested to be the most durable and toughest of all.

5. Panasonic ToughPad:

Panasonic ToughPad

Isn’t the name itself quite obvious? Panasonic tablet retails for 1299 dollars, which is quite a bit indeed. However, this is an industry-standard tough tablet. Take it anywhere you go, simply toss it to the table from your bed if you are too lazy to get up, or swim with it. The water-proof ToughPad will survive.

It can withstand up to 122 degrees of heat as well. In a recent commercial, Panasonic showed some machine pounding on its ToughPad without making even a scratch on it.

4. Itronix Duo-Touch II:

Itronix Duo Tough II

You can take it with you on all kinds of adventure trips. Its surface is engineered to withstand maximum pressure and rough usage. The touchscreen on the tablet is bright and clear with a length of 8.4 inches diagonally. However, it has only two point in multi-touch. The tablet also comes with a number of buttons below the display.

Overall, it has the look of the yesteryear HP iPAQ. It comes with a standard three year warranty, which is a great thing indeed.

3. Getac Z710 Android:


This tablet PC has amazing protection that gives it maximum protection from things like accidental drops or scratches. It comes basically with built-in Android Gingerbread OS. Other specifications include 1 GB of RAM, 1 GHz TI OMAP processor, 7 inch display with protection from Gorilla Glass, the premium display protection glass from Corning.

It can be dropped without any issues from above six feet. Also, the company provides three years of warranty on the product. It also comes with a stylus pen, which is an added advantage.

2. XPlore iX104C5:


This is a premium industry-grade rugged tablet PC that has a few sub products. They are amazingly scratch-resistant and can withstand falls from above 7 feet. Also, these tablet computers are water-proof and can be fully submerged under water. Operating temperature is also extremely high at nearly 140 degrees.

XPlore range runs Windows 7 and has PC-like features with Intel Core i7 processor and up to 4 GB of RAM. So, they are good in performance as well.

1. Amrel Rocky:

Amrel Rocky

And we are down to the toughest of them all. Amrel Rocky series of tablets are used by military in war conditions. You know how tough it can get there. The tablet is dodging bullets. Rocky is not quite down in terms of hardware specs as well. They come with mostly Windows 7 installed, with Intel Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM, 320 GB hard drive, etc.

Rocky finds customers in various industrial and military groups. These tablets are used for robotics, public safety, industrial, and medical applications. You can also customize these tablets while purchasing.


In our normal day-to-day life, we probably don’t need a highly tough tablet like these. However, there are quite a number of people who really need this kind of devices. They are into adventure groups and military. This is the reason why the general public doesn’t quite have any idea of these tablets. Also, there are most durable smartphones that you can check out.

Author: The author of the article, Laurel Shah works as the associate editor for Blue Bugle technology magazine. She can be reached via

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