Flappy Title Games Now Being Rejected by Google & Apple

Flappy Title Games Now Being Rejected by Google & Apple

It came, it saw, it conquered! Oh yes, Flappy Bird is the game under consideration here. Breaking records in only a couple of nights, the game made it impossible for its owner to lead his normal life. As a result, Flappy Bird’s creator Dong Nguyen brought down the game leaving millions of followers amazed! Although the game is no longer available on any platforms, several look a-likes are now storming the Apple and Google app stores. But that is all history, what is interesting is the response of the platforms have given to the flappy title games.

Flappy Title Games

Flappy Title Games

Apple Rejects Flappy Title Games

Since developers are making similar versions thereby exploiting the giant itself, Google and Apple are no longer accepting games which have ‘Flappy’ in their titles. Evidence to the news was provided when a game designer, Ken Carpenter from Vancouver submitted his game “Flappy Dragon” to Apple and was told that the name was known to leverage a popular app. Furthermore, Apple informed Carpenter that he had violated the regulations of App Store which stated that all misleading, false and fraudulent content cannot be made part of the store.

After the Flappy Bird was pulled the plug on by its creator, the incident has also impacted other game developers. In this regard, the case of Kuyi Mobile is a prominent one. Several developers were attempting to launch clones of the flappy title games but were turned down due to the same reason. Furthermore, some clones which did include flappy in their titles were kept at the store. Splashy Fish and Ironpants are examples of the same.

Simply put, the App Store’s top charts are being taken over by flappy title games and most users are still trying their luck at the game.

Google Follows Apple’s Strategy

When reports from various sources had made it clear that clones were no being accepted at Apple, Google followed the same. Kuyi Mobile along with Happy Mage Games were the two companies who claimed that Google had also rejected all flappy title games.

Carpenter also approached Google with his, Flappy Dragon and it was published too. Not only was this but the game also searchable for several hours until Carpenter received an email which stated that Flappy Dragon was being suspended. He adds, that initially he thought it had been done because he had added a line in the description which said that the game was the best flapping game now.

Even the email sent out by Google to Carpenter did not include a word about why it had removed the game. According to Flappy Dragon’s developer, all he was notified was that he had violated the Google Play terms and conditions. He also added that Google did not serve any ‘Fair Warning’ emails either which it claims to send before going ahead with such actions.



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