Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810 Benchmark Results

Recently Samsung has tested Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810 variant which will may be available sooner or later in Spring 2015. The model numbers is to be named as SM-N916S which is confirmed to be equipped with snapdragon 810 chipset as per benchmark results. The current Note 4 variants available in market are of two types Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 7 Octa 5433 (unconfirmed 64-bit) where as these both variants are not capable of 64-bit processors currently they are on 32-bit processors on the other hand Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810 is equipped with a lot of new features like 64 bit architecture. Most important thing to be noted is that this Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810 will be running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810

Qualcomm, Recently added LTE Category 9 which will boost download speed up-to 450 Mbps. Previous note 4 was having LTE Cat4 for N910C and Cat6 for N910S. These devices are similar to each other physically they are totally similar to each other and other specs are as same like earlier note 4 was RAM is still of 3GB little bit difference in CPU clock speed and architecture battery and display size is same for all note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon 810 variant.

These are just early news but soon more clarity will be provided by Samsung it self in early 2015. Just now its on testing so no official update has  been received. stay with us for more news about this note 4 variant.


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