Google Will Make Its Own HTC One

Google Will Make Its Own HTC One


Despite a partnership with HTC, Google Inc. has turned to developing its own version of  HTC One smart phone. All HTC basic settings and new features that had been introduced in the original version of the phone will disappear from the gadget. Experts say that Google’s decision to create its own version of the device is quite logical. There are some users, who want Google’s developments only, and they don’t care about their interface designs or high-tech features.


What and when

Google Inc. prepares its own cheaper version of HTC One. It will go on sale on June 26, but you will be able to buy it only at official Google Play stores. The price of this new gadget will be $ 599, which is about $ 50 cheaper than Galaxy S4 mini, which goes on sale the same day.


This updated gadget has a code name HTC One Google Edition, and it will run on Android OS 4.1.2. It is also planned that all HTC basic settings will disappear from it, as well as some new features represented in the original version of this phone. For example, users will not have an access  to some particular features of the camera, and a well-known home screen with social networks news updates will also cease to exist.


The original version HTC One was introduced in February 2013. One of the key features of this device was its camera that allowed you to take high-quality digital images with the help of a light-sensitive sensor. HTC One has also got a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600 of 1.7 GHz. The device’s screen size is 4.7 inches with a 1920×1080 pixels resolution. RAM is 2 GB, a built-in one is 32 GB. It runs on Android OS 4.2 and supports 4G LTE networks.


HTC One sales are far behind the sales of a competitor, Samsung Galaxy S4, and now HTC Google Ed. is going to compete with Samsung in a neighbor niche on the market.


What Experts Says On HTC One Google Edition

Charles Golvein, a Forrester Research Inc. analyst, says that Google’s decision to create its own version of the device is quite logical. He believes that HTC One Google Edition can be popular among those users who either do not like or do not need those features that were originally represented in the device.


Avi Gringart, a Current Analysis analyst, thinks that the company should be very careful in order not to spoil their relations with partners – Samsung, HTC and others. “Google develops a Motorola subdivision as well”, – she says, telling about Moto X development, announced last week.


It is planned that a device called Moto X will be presented in the second half of 2013, and its technical characteristics will be comparable with such smartphones leaders as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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