Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Launched on iOS

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Launched on iOS

For those who an iPhone owners, every update made to the store or the software means a lot. In addition to this, if you are big gamer, this is certainly big news for you. The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas series is now available on the iOS. So, if you have been waiting to play the game you love, you will have to wait no more.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto San  Andreas Game Series

Initially, the game was launched for consoles and has been received by all. Ever since its launch, the game has expanded and brought about new versions which took the game market by storm. For those who are frequent gamers, the game has been nothing less than a treat. After the consoles, the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has further been launched in a number of versions for a variety of devices in order to serve the growing market of mobile gamers.

The game is set around the same plot which involves the same character and the pilot which have been liked in all the console versions of the game. However, this has been optimized for the iPhone and iPad. In addition to this, Rockstar Games has transferred Vice City and GTA III which the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has now joined as well. For those who have a sheer love for mobile gaming, this series of games has been a major success.

In the News

The app is now available at a reasonable price of $9.99 which is pretty reasonable for a game like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which promises 70 hours of play. It is considered to be the biggest release from the Rockstar Games company. From iPhone 4S to iPad Mini, the game is available for download on all devices although a small amount is needed for you to purchase the game. The question whether the game will be available to its lovers for a free download is worth asking. However, the answer to this is not quite known. If available for free, the game will surely reach a large number of players which are waiting to try it without spending a penny.

Finally, the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a major addition to the Apple Store, mainly because no other mobile platform has offered the game yet and iOS is the first to have sealed the deal. Quit playing the standard mobile games and try the Grand Theft experience on your device anywhere and everywhere. Download this new Rockstar Games addition today!

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