GTA San Andreas to be Launched For iOS, Android, and WP Next Month

GTA San Andreas to be Launched For iOS, Android, and WP Next Month

According to the sources, a revamped version of the all time famous game GTA San Andreas is to be launched for the iOS, WP and Android in the coming month. Rockstar has confirmed this news.

GTA San Andreas

Features of GTA San Andreas

Console version

This games console version GTA San Andreas was released back in the year 2004 and it became the best selling game for the Playsation 2 console at that time. The critics loved this game and they loved the engaging storyline. The game was praised a lot by the users as well and was considered as the best game in the series.

Mobile version

Now coming to the mobile version in December, the title for the mobile version will feature Los Santos. This will be the main city of the GTA  San Andreas mobile version.  The other cities that will be featured are Las Venturas and San Fierro. Rockstar has labeled the game as the finest version of San Andreas with the best possible graphics and revamped car models and characters.

According Rockstar, the GTA 5 Sand Andreas will be readily available on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Amazon Kindle. The game also comes equipped with full controller functions and support also having the compatibility with the iOS controllers. There will be also a new touch system and checkpoint system for easier game play.


There is no information about the game play of the GTA  San Andreas  yet but more details regarding the game will be available in the coming time. Rockstar will be improving the subsequent online problems with the release of the game.

The people are eagerly awaiting GTA  San Andreas and everyone is counting days for the game to be released. The game is supposed to work on all the android devices having the version 2.3.3 and above. However, the memory and processor requirements are expected to be high because of the high graphics. This means in order to run this game, your phone have the sufficient memory and the processor.  The game will become the best selling game for sure as soon as it releases. The best part is that it is releasing on all the platforms together next month and this means that everyone will be able to access the game when it is launched and relive the moment of the console version.

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