iPhone 5S Hacking Touch Blemish ID Fingerprint Sensor Feature

iPhone 5S Hacking Touch Blemish ID Fingerprint Sensor Feature

Apple launched its new iPhone 5S which has a distinct feature which no other smartphone possess. It is the Touch ID Finger Print Sensor. It means that you just have to place your finger on the home button in order to unlock your iPhone. Many people were attracted to this feature which tempted them to buy the new Phone 5S. But do you know that this new Apple technology is capable of hacking. Yes! iPhone 5S hacking touch is available!

iPhone 5S Hacking Touch

iPhone 5S Hacking Touch

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Origin Of iPhone 5S Hacking Touch System:

This is a very bad news for Apple Inc and for those people that think that it is super-safe to keep all data in a smartphone which is protected by Touch ID Finger Print unlocking system. It is because just after a few days of the launch of iPhone 5S, a German hacking company named as “Chaos Computer Club” has claimed that it has cracked the protection of Apple’s fingerprint sensor on iPhone 5S hacking touch. It is an alarming moment because few days ago Apple claimed that “Every fingerprint is unique, so it is rare that even a small section of two separate fingerprints are alike enough to register as a match for Touch ID” and also “There is no such thing as an easily guessable fingerprint pattern”. It was due to the fact that the sensor made a mathematical representation the fingerprint which was only stored on the phone and no third party had excess to it, not even Apple. But only after two days after launch of iPhone 5S hacking touch, a group of hackers have made Apple think again about their statement.

The German Chaos Computer Club also has made a video demonstrating this process. In this video they first, take a high-quality fingerprint lifted from any object. Then the fingerprint is made visible by the use of graphite powder or some other chemical and then a high resolution photograph is created of a 2400 ppi resolution. It is printed onto a plastic slide using a laser print, forming a perfect copy. It is then attached to a real finger which projects it on the Touch ID Sensor and it unlocks the iPhone 5S hacking touch. Although it seems a long process but it is actually possible.

This proves that Biometric Finger Print reader is not at all safe, no matter on which device it is installed. If you want to save normal life data like songs or videos then Touch ID is a perfect thing for you but in case of storing some type of sensitive data then don’t keep it on a Fingerprint unlocking device because this technology is vulnerable with iPhone 5S hacking touch. Although Apple has used the state of the art security system in their iPhones but it is recently proved that it can be beat with sub-NSA level technology.

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