iPhone 6 4k Resolution Playback Possible Courtesy of A8 Chip


iPhone 6 4k

With each generation of smartphones passing, we expect the video technology to be even better. Sometimes, the changes are up to expectations…sometimes not. Although, we have some interesting ews for the Apple fans. Considering the fact that the iPhone 6 has a resolution of 1330×750 with the iPhone 6 Plus at 1920 by 1080 only, a recent study at TUAW points that the iPhone 6 4k resolution and iPhone 6 Plus 4k resolution mobile phones are actually possible.

Quote Regarding iPhone 6 4k

Considering the fact that the Apple A8 processor can actually handle this resolution, we believe the processor can actually show the 4k resolution videos without much hiccups. This discovery has been found out because of an app known as WALTR. The quote for the iPhone 6 4k resolution goes as

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can play 4K video right out of the box thanks to its A8 chip. The discovery was made by the developers of WALTR, a great Mac app that allows users to quickly upload video files to their iPhone which aren’t supported by iTunes, such as FLAC and MKV files. While testing the app developers found it is possible to playback 4K videos on the iPhone 6.

Even though, not many of us are interesting in iPhone 6 4k…but this is pretty interesting for those who are.


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