Is Micromax Providing Phones To QMobile?

Is Micromax Providing Phones To QMobile?

A local brand name as QMobile in Pakistan is doing fabulous business in country but after doing some research i was amazed to see that the phones which QMobile is providing in the country to its customers are same as Micromax mobiles in India.

Doubt About Provider:

So i have doubt that weather Micromax is providing mobile phones to Qmobile or Qmobile is providing phones to Micromax or a third thing might be these phones are made my china from a third company. The phone names are a little bit same as well for a proof i have some examples ofย  it take a look at the pictures below and you will come to know that there is something terribly wrong.

If any one have more news about it please feel free to share via comments at the end of post.



QMobile Mobiles

Micromax Phones:

Micromax mobiles


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