LG to Launch 4K OLED TVs at CES 2014

LG to Launch 4K OLED TVs at CES 2014



“The World is always advancing.” This proverb is justified by the fact that if we look at the past we found a very tough human life with no concept of luxury. That were the really old days, but if we look at our recent past, we will come across an era of radio which was the only source of entertainment. Then as man became more and more immersed in science and technology, he made television which was small at the beginning and later on increased its dimensions as the days passed on.

Initially there was single or a couple of companies that made television, but the number of companies increased with years and with this increase in number of manufacturers the competition between them also began to rise. This also raised the quality of products which came as a huge advantage for us consumers. As the electronic industry has become more and more advanced, it is now doing wonders. The dimensions and picture quality of the televisions both have improved dramatically. Hence the news that LG is set to launch 4K OLED TVs does not come as much of a surprise.

About 4K OLED TVs

Picture quality is something that everybody appreciates. A good picture quality always adds worth to the video. That is why a new and more advanced format of 4K is now being introduced by most of the TV manufacturers. Like others, LG is also launching its 4K OLED TVs that will surely increase the worth and demand of LG.

Television is supposed to be a luxury item and surely nobody will negate the king of high quality luxury like LG. The few basic qualities of 4K format are that it has more advanced and high quality display than the any of the previous formats. Anticipating the quality of this format, many other TV manufacturing companies already have started their work on this new format. This clearly shows the brilliance of this format.

LG is announcing its 4K OLED TVs in 77’’ , 65’’ and 55’’ and are introducing the concept of home cinema with a slight curve on the screen that prevents the reflections from the screen and makes the audience extremely comfortable in front of the television.

LGs new product, the 4K OLED TVs will surely make a bang with its arrival because demands of such goods are increasing day by day. If a quality product like 4K OLED TV is announced by such a competent company like LG, then anyone who really want to have a TV with such quality would have no genuine excuse to ignore this superb product.

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