Modern Combat 5-Blackout for Android, WP and iOS

Modern Combat 5-Blackout for Android, WP and iOS

Modern Combat 5-Blackout


The latest installment in Gameloft’s series of first person action games is on the brink, a game series for your portable devices which is very identical to the Call of Duty series; Modern Combat. Its 5th installment or Modern Combat 5-Blackout is very identical to the previous one. As you know, the predecessor was a huge success and won several honours in various categories, this forced Gameloft to keep the main engine pretty same. However, a lot of improvements are seen.


The main story of Modern Combat 5-Blackout is a little dull, it has a total of six chapters and each chapter has a number of main objectives, sub-missions and spec ops missions to go through. As you would expect, the main objectives are relatively longer than the other two categories. However, the other two objectives are not that interesting because they are mostly like “get the following number of kills, explosive kills and melee kills etc. Although, the spec ops missions help you to unlock additional items and the weapon upgrades. In short, the single player is not very interesting and you wouldn’t really care about the story, not even your main character.


If we talk about the gameplay of Modern Combat 5-Blackout there are several classes of soldiers to choose from; assault, heavy, sniper and recon. All of these classes have their own set of weapons and skills. They also have unique perks like the assaulters can load 15% faster than the others. The good part is the customization of weapons, you can add scopes, silencers, some ammunition upgrades, muzzle upgrades and what not. Apart from the guns, you also get a knife, grenades and a drone which can help you see through the location without much hustle. The game-play itself is very catchy, some of the notable features include slow-motion killings, sniper shots, cover shooting and vehicle aim etc. To sum it up, the game-play will provide you all the basic things which a decent PC game would get to you.

Overall, the gameplay in Modern Combat 5-Blackout is decent but the artificial intelligence is a concern because the enemies are slow a responding. They will just stand there even if you’re reloading and won’t be able to cause much damage. It’s like they are there to get killed or something.


Moving on to the graphical textures, they’re pretty nice for a phone. The action is intense, you’ll see firing all around. Explosions will give a nice look and you’ll just sync into the stable environment of Modern Combat 5-Blackout. The sad part of this game like all other first person shooters is that it’s hard to control on the touch screen. You will never really get used to the fact of pushing buttons on your screen but it will be manageable with respect to time.


Space needed of 800 MB for initial download and 1.83 GB after completing installation. It comes with a price tag of $6.99 only.


To sum it up, Modern Combat 5-Blackout is a top-notch game. The gameplay is superb and when you pair it with the beautiful graphics, it’s even more likeable. However, the thing of concern is the boring story-line and the on-screen controls which are hard to get used to!


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