Money from PayPal in Pakistan – How to Withdraw It

Money from PayPal in Pakistan – How to Withdraw It

Thousands of people who are employed in multinational firms or work for different online companies and websites have to face a lot of problem in transferring and withdrawing money from foreign banks and PayPal accounts to their local banks. Although it is a bit tricky and difficult to withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan but if you follow the given instructions then it save your time as well as take the tension of your mind.

Money From Paypal In Pakistan

Money From Paypal In Pakistan

Procedure To Depart  Money From Paypal In Pakistan

Signup at Payoneer

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If your are freelancer and earn money from content writing, blogging or from any other job on the Internet then you must make an account on Payoneer in order to receive money from PayPal in Pakistan as all the payments made by our employer will be transferred through it. Payoneer is a payment service operator in the United States which is also available in other countries. When you will sign-up for Payoneer, it will ask for a proof of identity. Here you can either provide the scans of National Identity Card or Driver’s Licence etc. Once you have made an account then order their MasterCard with the same name and personal information as you have provided for the PayPal account. You will receive this MasterCard in about 20-40 days at your residence via postal service. Through this MasterCard you will be able to withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan in the near future.

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Synchronise Payoneer with PayPal

When you get the card, note down the Account number and routing number of your account. This will serve as the registration number in First Century bank of USA in which your account has already been created. Now, provide PayPal the account and routing number of your Payoneer account. In this way both of your accounts will be synchronized together. For all this process PayPal will take 1.5 Euros form your account but after confirmation it will repay this amount. All of your payments and salary will now come in this account.

Transfer Your Money

When you have a reasonable amount of money in your PayPal account, then login in to it and select the withdraw option where you will be provided with two options. The first options asks you to withdraw your PayPal funds from the Payoneer Bank Account which takes about 3-4 working days but it is free. The second is to withdraw these PayPal funds via Payoneer MasterCard which charges 2 Euros but will transfer this money from PayPal in Pakistan in only a day or two. Select the option which suits you the best. After the given time, these funds will appear in your Payoneer account.

Receive Cash from any local ATM

Once you have received the money in your Payoneer account, you can withdraw this money from PayPal in Pakistan from any ATM of banks like MCB, Habib Metropolitan, Citibank, Faysal Bank or Standard Charted bank. You will have to insert your MasterCard of Payoneer into the ATM and enter the given PIN. It is important for you to know that all of these banks deduct a standard transferring fee of about $6. After this deduction you will receive your money in cash.

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