Nokia Lumia 630 Price, Specs and Features

Nokia Lumia 630 Price, Specs and Features

Nokia Lumia 630 Price

The Nokia Lumia 630 will not only fulfill all your mobile needs but it will also give a charm to your mood. This Finnish handset will enrich your life and everyone around you with colors. It has a bright colored plastic body, available in so many colors as all Lumia phones are. However, Nokia Lumia 630 price is around 16800 in Pakistan. If you want a phone because you want it, go for it. Otherwise, there are a lot better smartphones available in the price range.

All the criticism to the Nokia Lumia 630 is deserved. It does not have a lot of pixels like other smartphones of Nokia Lumia 630 price range do. Also, it has a rare combination of resolutions (854×480). Everywhere in the world it is usually 800 x 480. On the 4.5 inch display, this means it has a 221 pixel per inch. It’s not very good but it might just work for you. The glass used to protect is Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, robust but it has its issues as well. Moreover, the phone is usable in sunlight but you don’t get the automatic brightness setting in this phone. Some apps are already pre-installed which look fine. It has some weather stats, stocks and some news application as well. Moreover, there is a quite good number of useless apps like the PayPal as well. Obviously, now that Microsoft owns Nokia. They’ve made a contribution of their own by adding the Drive+, OneDrive and the OneNote. These are pretty good apps considering they are coming from something which likes to rule the world.

The interface is really good, everyone likes the Windows Phone’s Live Tile UI. It is one of the main reasons you grab such a smartphone. You just find the tiles attractive, easy to use and not lagging. These tiles are customizable, some can be transparent, some can display the weather and some show the notifications/fb etc. Over all, one of the few things which this phone can be proud of is the Windows Phone Tile UI.

The Lumia 630 is a cool-looking phone but how cool is something without a front camera? Would you really want a phone which costs this much and does not come with a front camera? The back camera is 5 megapixels and takes decent snaps.  Moreover, it is only 512MB of RAM. The CPU is Quad-Core but pairing it with 512 MB of RAM is a bad idea. However, the GPU is 305. You can easily run those small apps and games which don’t need a lot of RAM. The Nokia Lumia 630 price is very high if you compare it with its benefits. My suggestion is to not buy this unless you’re just interested in the looks and the name.




Nokia Lumia 630 price is 16800



Screen Size: 4.5 inches

Screen Resolution: 480×854

Display Technology: IPS LCD



Processor Clock Speed: 1.2 GHZ Quad Core

Processor: Cortex A7

Core: Quad

Built in Storage: 8GB


Expandable Storage: MicroSD (Up to 128 GB)



Back Camera (Primary): 5 megapixels

Front Camera (Secondary): none

Flash Light:



Device: Smartphone (Windows Phone)

Height: 129.5

Length: 66.7

Width: 9.2

Colors: Various

Operating System: Windows Phone 8.1





Browser: HTML 5

Connectivity: 3G, HSDPA, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth



Applications Supported: Windows Phone App Store

Speaker & FM: FM supported with loudspeaker

Video, Audio Players: Playback Supported


Considering the specifications, the Nokia Lumia 630 price is not justifiable!


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