Nokia Said Goodbye to Symbian Operating System – No More Support

Nokia Said Goodbye to Symbian Operating System – No More Support

symbian operating system

symbian operating system

Nokia finally bid goodbye to symbian operating system and introduced phones with Microsoft operating system.

About symbian operating system

As days are passing science and technology are also evolving and modifying continuously. What we saw yesterday would be never same tomorrow. Likewise this process of evolution has also entrapped the mobile industries. Now mobile industries are growing and enhancing their technologies very rapidly. The technologies we used a decade ago are of no use now and in the same way what we are using today will be of no use a decade or half later. In that context, if we discuss about nokia and symbian OS then we will come to know that symbian was also a very competitive and very efficient type of operating system a while ago when the technologies and mobile companies were limited.

But as the competition in the mobile industry raised its level then more new technologies developed. Hence, Nokia started making its Microsoft Windows OS mobile phones which are not only competitive enough but also are in a very large public demand. In the following we will discuss how nokia completely subsided the symbian OS.

Symbian operating system was the pioneer operating system that was launched about ten years back, and was used by a very massive number of people but after the release of Android and iOS symbian OS lost its glamour and started to go down. Then it was the all about the competition between iOS and Android while Nokia was shunted to a side for a while. After that Nokia made partnership with Microsoft that was really a very bold step by nokia and for that nokia also faced heavy criticisms.

According to many experts all around the world, Nokia should have collaborated with Android as it would be much better for them because many people like to use Android and Microsoft operating system is not as much popular as Android. However, Nokia worked very hard and proved them wrong by making first Microsoft Operating system phone and then made it better and better.

This new mode of operating system is also getting much more fame and its demand is also on rise these days. Nokia is now working to add more value into it. Sony is also showing its interest in making new phones with Microsoft operating system.

So this was a brief view on how Nokia completely said good bye to symbian OS. This is not the end, there may be or more rightly there would be another technology waiting for us in the future.