Pakistani Government Imposed Additional Tax on Telecom Services

Pakistani Government Imposed Additional Tax on Telecom Services


After a long list of taxes in recent budget of Pakistan now government of Pakistan has imposed additional tax on all telecom services from which everyone will get disturbed because Pakistan has the population of 18 crore and in which 10 crore are telecom users in many ways. Reason behind imposing this tax is looking unfair to all people of Pakistan and it is totally unfair because every person of Pakistan is dying from loads heeding, unemployment, and other major crises.


Ishaq Dar who is finance minister of Pakistan is now getting negative votes in his favor until now people start disliking him due to his decisions and other policies which he has announced in the budget.


Previously withholding tax was 10% from last couple of years but now this PMLN government is imposing tax on everything they have increase withholding tax from 10% to 15% which is unjustified have a look how they will deduct and what will you get.


Types of Taxes on Cellular Services

After increase by government of Pakistan now tax on telecom services are as follows:

WHT: 15%

FED: 19.5%

Total Tax: 34.5 %


Example of New Taxes on Cellular Services:

When you will load scratch card or easy load on your number of Rs. 100 following taxes will be imposed:

  • Amount Loaded: Rs. 100
  • Deduct WHT 15%: Rs. 85 (Balance left)
  • Deduct FED 19.5%: Rs. 65.5 (Balance left)


So from July 1st, 2013 this new tax will be going to implement but I got news from some of our subscribers that they are getting Rs. 65.5 on Rs. 100 load they have start deducting this tax from today I believe that government should take notice of it that what is going on when they have given the date of implantation so how can they deduct before the implementation date.

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