PTCL Introduced Chaar Ji EVO With a Speeds of 36 Mbps

PTCL Introduced Chaar Ji EVO With a Speeds of 36 Mbps

Chaar Ji Evo

Last year, news about 3G coming into Pakistan were flowing through out the world. In the start of the year, many big-shot companies like Zong, Telenor, Mobilink and Jazz took interest in the bidding and gained their licenses. Zong won the 4G spectrum as well, whereas the rest of the three bought 3G licenses only. To compete with the ever-hungry internet hungry population of Pakistan, PTCL had to introduce something similar. To achieve that, they came up with the plan of Chaar Ji Evo. Earlier, it was only a rumor about Chaar Ji Evo but it was confirmed later on.

Good news to all the Pakistanis, PTCL’s Chaar Ji Evo is finally introduced. You can go to any exchange or their one stop outlets to get your hands on this 36 Mbps internet device. Over all, the device looks really robust and promising. Those who have tested the device are reporting speeds of up to 25 Mbps! It might not be the full 36 Mbps but it is still a lot. Currently Chaar Ji Evo is only available in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi. Surely, the service is coming to other cities as well but it will take some time. Worry not, if you take this device to an area which doesn’t support Chaar Ji Evo, you can use Rev. A and Rev. B since the device is backwards compatible (not all the models).  The only downside about this device is the bandwidth, PTCL has introduced the device with the following packages.


Chaar Ji Evo Dongle: 3000 Pakistani Rupees

Chaar Ji Evo Cloud (Rev A. Fallback): 13,500 Pakistani Rupees (With Free Air-Time of 3 months)

Chaar Ji Evo Cloud (Rev B. Fallback): 15,000 Pakistani Rupees (With Free Air-Time of 4 months)

Monthly Rental of Chaar Ji Evo Gold (50 GB Bandwidth) 3500 Pakistani Rupees

Monthly Rental of Chaar Ji Evo Chrome (30 GB Bandwidth) 2500 Pakistani Rupees


As you can see, the monthly charges are affordable. However, no one would want a fast internet on which he cannot consume at least 250 GB per month. Maybe, PTCL will revise the plans later on but at the moment, I’d stick to my 8MB DSL @ 3,000RS!



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