PTCL Introduces Unlimited Calls And Wi-Fi Modem

PTCL Introduces Unlimited Calls And Wi-Fi Modem

 PTCL Introduces Unlimited Calls And Wi-Fi Modems

Every year, PTCL introduce attractive and exciting offers for the customers. Recently, PTCL has introduced another exciting offer for the clients i-e unlimited calls and Wi-Fi modems. PTCL customers can enjoy unlimited calls through its freedom package. On the other hand, customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi models with latest and new broadband connections. By using this offer, PTCL customers can enjoy unlimited free calls from PTCL to PTCL numbers. Now the question is that what are the charges for availing this exciting offer by PTCL?

 PTCL Offer Charges:

In order to mention the charges of PTCL unlimited calls and Wi-Fi modems offer, we would like to mention that all double play PTCL customers can subscribe this offer by paying Rs: 250. On the other hand, single play PTCL customers can avail this latest offer by paying Rs: 499 per month.

As we know that these days every person especially young generation wants to use Wi-Fi enabled services. Because of rapid popularity, PTCL is also offering free Wi-Fi modems along with new broadband connection. According to the vice president of Aasif Inam that:

[alert style=”white”] “We are delighted with the overwhelming response from our customers for PTCL Freedom Package. At PTCL, we believe in differentiating ourselves by offering customized voice and data packages designed to suit varying needs and demands of our customers.” [/alert]

 Today, PTCL is considered to be leading and most popular telecom company in the broadband world of Pakistan. This telecom company has almost more than 1 million customers. So if you want to use unlimited calls and free Wi-Fi modem then you should avail the latest offer by PTCL. We hope that maximum number of people will attract towards this offer for using unlimited calls and Wi-Fi modems. Finally, we can say that all PTCL customers should avail this offer by paying minimum charges.

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