Qmobie Going To Launch Quad Core Mobile Phones

Qmobie Going To Launch Quad Core Mobile Phones:

After successful launch of Qmobile Noir A10 and Noir A 8 phones which are of course dual core series phones with a big bright IPS LCD display and 512MB of RAM. which have captured the market so fast as one can imagine. Due to its demand rate it was short in the market for couple of weeks but now it’s easily available from all major cities of Pakistan.

Qmobile Noir A11

Keeping in mind by Qmobiles they have reduced the price of Qmobile noir A10 and Noir A8 by a big margin so now Qmobile lovers can have access to these phones in a low-budget. The reason for decreasing the price is to make some vacant space for upcoming Qmobile noir A16 stated as a quad-core mobile phone with a gigantic 5-inch HD display and 1GB of RAM more than the previous noir phones.

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Price Range:

According to rumors its price would be announce 20,000 might be like 24000 or 25000 not specified by anyone because it has to be launched.

Market Availability:

Qmobile quad core phone might be named as Noir A16 will be available in the market after its launch. Its launch will be expected in February.

Mobile Phones Providers:

As we all know that these phones are made by china and moth major companies Micromax (in India) and Qmobile (in Pakistan) are doing their business on behalf of these chines phones which are producing these phones for both companies.


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