Qmobile Get Redesigned With Awesome Layout

Qmobile Get Redesigned With Awesome Layout:

Qmobile.com.pk which is official website of Qmobile phone is now redesigned with a new and fresh look. Qmobile is doing a great business in Pakistan and there phones are on the top when talking about low-budget phones with high specs. Qmobile has lauched some gigantic phones in a low-budget and they have rock the people of Pakistan as their phones are pretty much decent when we talk about moey for your convenient I have reviewed Qmobile website and pick up the following new features and screen shot below.

Qmobile new layout

Flash Content Included:

Innovative flash content on the home page with new updates of phones and phones which are recently arrived in market.

Responsive Layout:

Qmobile website has a decent responsive layout as i checked it on tablet and laptop it was quite interesting to see its very smooth on tablet PC as they are touch gadgets so response and layout looks brilliant and detailed.

Updated Information For Customer Support:

Qmobile has updated their service center information like numbers, address and other information for customers so they can access for warranty claim and other queries.

Improved Compare Phones Feature:

Comparing phones is the most important part for any customer who is willing to buy a good phone so for their convenient Qmobile has redesign all the compare section with beautiful layout including comparison of more than 2 phones I guess maximum four phones can be compared.

qmobile comapre phones

Price Issue Solved:

The most important thing for all Pakistani customers which they were complaining on many blogs that Qmobile doesn’t specify their phone prices on their websites due to which many customers have to buy phone above the company price.But Now Qmobile has upgraded with this feature every phone has its accurate price in its specification screen shot as below.

qmobile price isse solved

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