Qmobile Noir A50 Review, Price, Specs, Pros and Cons

Qmobile Noir A50 Review, Price, Specs, Pros and Cons

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As Qmobile is known to be a trend setter here in Pakistan for providing budgeted smart phones recently Qmobile has launched a new model of its noir series named as noir A50 with normal specifications cannot be called as a high-end smart phone though it’s better than many of out there in the market. Today we will be giving you a detailed review of Qmobile Noir A50. For detailed review read below.


Qmobile Noir A50 Specs

Display: Qmobile Noir A50 display stands on 4 Inches with capacitive touchscreen

Memory: 4 GB of built-in memory with 1.98 GB user available and about 512MB of RAM

Processor: It has 1GHz Dual Core processor for multitasking

Camera: 5 megapixels main camera with LED flash and secondary camera for video calling which is off course VGA at a resolution of 640×480

Operating System: Latest Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean (no official update available up till now)

Battery: 1600mAh

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Qmobile Noir A50 Review

Qmobile a50 is considered to be a budgeted smart phone and it appears to be but after reviewing it and using it I was though not much satisfied with the following reason perhaps that might be a case with me or with everyone who bought this smart phone


Touch Response:

Qmobile Noir A50 has a very good touch it’s responsive too. With a capacitive touchscreen for its price its touch and response time is good enough.



Some people around the web are saying that it has IPS display and they are right I have used it and its viewing angles are good enough to meet up requirements of a budgeted user.



I have done some multi-tasking on it but it does not meet up my requirement. I opened 10 apps at a time which are App store, Gmail, Facebook, Angry birds, Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, MX Player, UC Browser and Hotspot Shield. After opening all that I thought that it will run smoothly but it didn’t happened most of the apps crash down because of low ram it gives some times an error which says “app has encountered a problem” when you restart the phone it works perfectly which shows it’s a ram issue so things need to be fixed by Qmobile now they should focus on RAM.


Battery issues:

Most of the people here on my blog complaining about battery issues that it drains out in just few hours when I face the same issue I felt like oh my words how does it drain out I charged it at night it was showing 100% and when I wake up next morning it was like 25% in just 10-12 hours it drain out 75% of battery which shows that its battery is below average so this is the major issue with Qmobile phones though they have a good model named as Noir A7 which is not having this battery issue yet.


Price of Qmobile Noir A50

Its price is 12,500 Pakistani rupees which is very reasonable if we look at the phone it’s a budgeted phone with having some good features. Price is reasonable in my point of view its price should be around 10,000.


Qmobile Noir A50 PROS:

Fast processor

Less in price

Good and responsive touch

Dual SIM


Qmobile Noir A50 CONS:

Less RAM

Low camera

Low resolution video capture

Slow performance especially when RAM gets full


Final words:

Qmobile Noir A50 is an average phone for those people who just walk in to android community and for those who does not want it for multitasking talking about professional multi-tasking live checking emails 24 hours connected to internet etc.

  • http://ummiz.com Ummi

    Thanks for share. As per above Qmobile Noir A50 is average phone so what about A10? because I’m going to buy it.

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      A10 is also an average phone go for A20, A600 or A950 they all have 1GB RAM and quad core processor

  • nasir

    mujhe casing or cover chaye a50 ka

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      A50 k cover market mea nahi aye abhi tak wiat for month or so

  • http://comingmore.com Hamayon

    Thanks for the review, but you should also mention slow network in the cons because again this q mobile phone don’t have 3G or 4G in it :(

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Agree with you.

  • usman

    I’m planning to buy either voice v30 or noir a50. Plz advise..

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Go for V30

  • aleena

    I bought noir a50 a week back.. it shows indication of memory low in yellow and the app closes itself.. i havent installed much apps and i still have1.38 internal and 3.61gb space availabe on sd card.. and today its even showing a blank red symbol at top right.. and it stucks alot :( its brand new though :( i dont know much abt gadgets.. help me out pls

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Reset this phone. If not then delete all unused apps.

      • aleena

        actually most of the apps in it are buildin.. like they are installed from before.. they cant be deleted :(

        • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

          You can root it and delete unwanted apps

  • Roman

    Hi, I have a Q mobile A50, the problem is that when i Start my cell phone it will be stopped after the NOIR Icon on Display and never show the home screen. I have also done the factory reset but still it doesn’t work. Now what will i do??

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Go to customer care (Warranty center).

      • http:[email protected] haseeb

        same problem bro kindly tell me solution

        • aamir hussain

          Bro its software problem go to q costumer care with warty card they update its software & ur problem will be solved

    • IRK

      I can help you out without going to customer care

      • aamir

        Bro its software problem go to q costumer care with warty card they update its software & ur problem will be solved

  • aamir

    have heard that sometimes it shows low memory while running some games or apps….. any solution for that??

  • aamir

    i have heard that sometimes it shows low memory while running some games or apps….. any solution for that??

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Uninstall all unwanted apps or alternative root it and remove all apps which are not required.