Qmobile Noir A600 Review, Price, and Specifications

Qmobile Noir A600 Review, Price, and Specifications

Qmobile Noir A600

Qmobile Noir A600

Qmobile has today launched its second quad core series phones named as Qmobile Noir A600. Its second phone by Qmobile in quad core series. Previously they launched Noir A20 week ago now they have launched another one and capturing market at the right time with great price and quality. Qmobile Noir A600 Review, Price, and Specifications are as follows.


Qmobile Noir A600 Specifications

Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad core Cortex-A7

Display: 5 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels at 294ppi (HD display), IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen

Ram: 1 GB

Memory: 4 GB built-in (1.8 GB user available)

Operating System: Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (upgradable)

Camera: 8MP, 3264×2448 pixels, Auto focus, Dual-LED flash, video 720p, Secondary 2MP

Battery: 2000 mAh

Colors: White and black

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Qmobile Noir A600 Price

Qmobile noir A600 is available at Rs.19, 000 PKR.


Qmobile Noir A600 Review


Display of Qmobile noir a600 is near to awesome it comes with 720p HD display screen at 294ppi with crisp graphics and text easy to read view HD videos which were never before from Qmobile.



Qmobile Noir A600 is packed with powerful processor at clock speed of 1.2 GHz. Do multi-tasking play games and watch movies without any interruption. Processor is Cortex-A7 and chipset is MTK MT6589 which is good enough in this price of phone.


Operating System:

It’s of course an android phone and its running on android version 4.1.2 jelly bean and good news is its upgradable as we have seen in past that most of Qmobile phones were not upgradable. So up gradation issue has been resolved in this phone.



Memory issues are concern as people are now diverting it and pointing it out that built-in memory is too low now for apps and other stuff as everyone knows that now a days apps and games are in huge MB’s so it needs to be fixed. It has 4 GB of storage with 1.8 GB available.



Camera is good enough with dual led flash. It comes with 8MP camera and video at 720p no 1080p video for A600 that’s not a good thing people were expectation 1080p video recording. A600 front camera is 2MP for photo capture and VGA for video calling and capture VGA video from front.



Major issue is BATTERY. Its alarming for all those who are using A600 or want to buy please make sure that you backup some extra battery or any extra stuff for its charging as its batter does not last more than 16-20 hours. At this point this mobile just gets down with so much awesome features Qmobile hasn’t put a powerful battery it should have at least 2800mAh battery to overcome this battery issues.



Finally, my conclusion on Qmobile Noir A600 Reviews is that it’s a good phone in low budget. It doesn’t have any sort of problem regarding speed display Ram and other stuff but 1 thing which might get you disappointed is its BATTERY it’s pretty weak thought but again in this p[rice this is a good nice smartphone.

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  • QLove

    Tested it on the shop…. really disappointing for this price. It is an ok model. Should not be more than 18,500

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      For me it was good but price is a bit high agree with you

      • hassam

        should i buy a20 or a600 or should i wait for another release

        • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

          go for A20 a600 has some features missing which A20 have

          • Nasir

            Dear Ali,
            Will u plz xplain wt features are missing in a600 as compared to a20. it seems that display of a600 is very much better than a20 nd also front camera is superior to a20

  • xain

    A20 is better because of 1080p video and better battery life.Also the size is normal, not very big like a600.Cheaper as well.
    But actually 20k is not low budget.You can find a Galaxy S2 in this price which is way better.So both phones are just………

  • saif

    Hey!! Isn’t it micromax canvas hd a116?

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Yes it is micromax canvas HD A116

  • Ahtisham

    what is the basic diffrence between q mobile A20 and A600

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      display and battery

  • arsalan

    Noir A950 launched…4.6″ AMOLED display…with gorilla glass…other specs same as A600..at a price tag of 26k.

    • talhaniazi


      • Manzoor

        Astonishing for me as its have quod core processor with 1gm ram it must be smooth.. i am also planning to go for A600. Kindly advice me as its specs are great and i m also looking for 5 inch screen

        • hassam

          qmobile noir a950 not on web and with no pics and if any one know the link please send me beacuse i am curious about this phone

        • Manzoor


          Still waiting for your reply.. should i go for A600 as Mr.Talha has mentioned that it stucks while playing games.. so i need your opinion before buying it as per my understanding it must be smooth b/c of quod core processor and 1 gb ram

          • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

            It is smooth though but due to some extra high quality graphic games (HD games) it lags at times only in game otherwise its smooth with normal games

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Yes Qmobile noir a950 launched but its too expensive might be just because of Super AMOLED Plus LCD display and powerful battery

      • http://www.cosmosoftsolution.com asmat hayat

        @allii Alee and @talhaniazi your comments guided me much, however i have qmobile and its screen is blinking and turns pink. I have displayed to the shop and those guys told that software problem, i am considering it a hardware problem, would you please suggest me if i should approach to Qmobile support center for hardware problem?

        • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

          On which position screen becomes pink i mean on stand by or when your are using it ?

  • saif

    If qmobile is launching fly phones, then will they also launch the flagship phone of fly (iq4410 phoenix) ???

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Yes they will launch but we have to wait because now a days Qmobile is bombarding mid range quad core phones

  • pervez

    dear ali i have question about galaxy s3 and noir a600 talk time,glaxy battery is 2100 mAh and noir is 2000 mAh . then why a huge difference in talk time that is 21.40/5 hrs while battery power difference is not big

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      depend on network

      • soban

        it also depend on software optimization….as q mobile is new nd they dnt knw how to optimize software to improve battery ….i will suggest all of u to go for samsung nexus as its fastest then all qmobile quadcore phones…..speed depends on the optimization of software nd hardware nd qmobile is way behind both of them…..

  • Dr Mateen

    Dear ali,
    Kindly ye bataiy k a600 ka camera zada better hy ya a900 ka? Aur color display kis ka zada acha hy?

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Camera sab ka ek hi jesa hai display sab k 720p hain a20 ko chor k

  • pervez

    please explain .un believable difference due to network.on same network what would be talk time

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      both have Li-Ion battery and they have difference in quality but no galaxy phone gives 21 hours battery talk time maximum talk time of any phone is 10-12 hours

      • soban

        ali nt so true…check out talk time of s3 nd note 2 then do tell us how much it gives !!!

        • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

          Don’t go on talk time check mAh and its time with use and on standby i do have note 2 and s4 both gives me not more than 1 day of standby with use

  • pervez

    Some one told me that if we charge noir battery with glaxy charger ,it will increase battery time n reduce charging time.is it true

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Yes, its true i also use Samsung Galaxy S3 charger

  • pervez

    pl advise me which one is best for me in 25000.i want good battery and camera

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Brother app 70,000 wala b phone lo ge uski b 1 din se kam battery time de gi.
      ap branded le lo koi low specs me ya ager qmobile lena ha to A20 le lo ya a600

  • Waa7eeM

    ALI bhai
    Qmobile a600 ma colour konsa best hai black or white????

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Black, white ki look china china wali ati ha

      • Arslan

        Allii can u tell me plz which one is good, A600 or S duos???? Kya sduos hang ho jata hai????

    • soban

      go for htc one x , s2 or galaxy nexus…..

  • Waqas Qazi

    Dear Allii,
    Please Tell Me, Does A600 play 1080p Videos? as it has resolution of 720×1280

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Yes, it does play 1080P

  • yahya

    A-600 blinks and the entire screen go black and then return to normal. this is continuously happening. So guys be careful b4 purchasing it. I am taking it to Q mobile for rectify the problem.

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Might be hardware issue

  • yahya

    A-600 blinks and the entire screen go black and then return to normal. this is continuously happening. So guys be careful b4 purchasing it. I am taking it to Q mobile for rectify the problem..

    • Nouman Qamar

      I have also the same problem.
      Whats the solution???

      • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

        Go to Qmobile service center

  • Farha

    I recently purchased QM-Noir A600. Its good mobile & fine as per price to performance ratio.But mistakenly default application of Torch is deleted.can any one help me for this? I don’t remember the name of app.

  • Nasir Naeem

    Dear Ali,
    I’ve recently purchased q mobile a 600 but it has very low speaker sound. Is this low sound is by default or there is some problem in my set?

    Looking for your prompt response.


  • Nouman Qamat

    Dear Nasir Naeem,
    Jst type this *#*#3646633#*#* frm ur mobile dial pad. Thn automatically it wll take u 2 another page. Jst swipe the page towards left, go to Hardware Testing. Thn audio. Inside that go to head set mode Make it 160 (142 was default), thn go to loud speaker mode make it 160, thn head set speaker mode make it 160. Each and every time after making 160 select set and OK. Thats all. I did the same my sound increased. For loud speaker, head phone also. Pls try once.

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Thanks Nouman Qamat, for a great tip.

      • maryam

        main buhot confuse hon k HTC lena chahye ya Q-Mobile,,, plz do help me k kaun sa set acha raheyga agar Q-mobile me liya jaye too….??? or agar HTC ONE X lein to yeh Q-mobile k kaun se set sey resemble karta hai ??

        • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

          HTC one X k mukable me koi Qmobile nahi hai go for HTC

    • Nasir Naeem

      Thanks Nouman,
      It is a great tip. It has considerably increased the volume of loud speaker. But I think the sound quality of this phone is ‘mono’. Also the FM receiver in the engineer mode is set to ‘mono’ by default. Can its audio parameters be changed to ‘stereo’. Any tip?


    • Farha

      Thanks Noman!!!
      really good tip.It was one of the biggest issue i faced.
      Do you have any idea how to increase ringing volume & sound pitch of alarm.(Please share if any thing can be done in addition with the use of side bar for ringing volume as Ringing volume is already full)

      • Nouman Qamar

        Its volume is average but u can do following things to take max advantage of ur A600 speaker.
        1. Goto settings , then audio profiles, then select desired profile (like General), then change its settings like “Volumes” and take bar of Ringtone and Alarms to its max value.
        2. Choose a louder ringtone (u can get a lot from internet) , since default ring-tones are not comparatively louder.
        3. If u r still not satisfied then download a third party app from Google play-store (like volume+) but it is not recommended until volume is not a very big issue for u.

  • daniyal

    Whould I Buy A20 Or A600 And Give Reason

  • Tahir

    Good phone but its voice louder should be increased. It’s hard to talk on louder.

  • Harris

    Should i buy A500 0r A600, currently i dont have a smart phone am currently using a 3rd class mobile :-) What u say, budget is around 16,000..

  • Arslan

    A600 ke camera quality kesi hai… n video quality????

  • Muhammad siddique

    Jst type this *#*#3646633#*#* frm ur mobile dial pad. Thn automatically it wll take u 2 another page. Jst swipe the page towards left, go to Hardware Testing. Thn audio. Inside that go to head set mode Make it 160 (142 was default), thn go to loud speaker mode make it 160, thn head set speaker mode make it 160. Each and every time after making 160 select set and OK. Thats all. I did the same my sound increased. For loud speaker, head phone also. Pls try once.



  • Muddassir Ali

    koi bata saqta hai k q a20 zyada acha hai ya qa600?? in may say camera kis ka acha hai or betry timing kis ki achi hai?? qa20 2100mah hai or qa600 2000mah hai betry k lihaz say kon sa set behtar hai?? kia q mobile ki extra may betrys nhi ati kia ? jo achi betrys ho jsy nokjia ki acchi achi betrys ati hai elehda say in ki betrys nhi ati kia? ap btai kon sa set in 2no may say best hai? main nay lena hai im confuse……

  • Ali

    Why does Noir A600 back cover turn blue at some places after using for a long time e.g playing games

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      @Ali how?
      I have used it i didn’t face any problem.

  • http://www.tech2fetch.com/qmobile-noir-a600-review-price-and-specifications/ guriya

    any one help me i have q mobile nior a 34 but when i start typing it vibrate how to mute that vibration please help me and advise me about this i will wait for your help

    • http://www.tech2fetch.com Allii Allee

      Hi Guriya,
      Please follow these steps to turn off vibration of keyboard
      Settings > Language & input > Whatever keyboard you’re using > Key-tap Vibrate

  • Arshad Awan

    nokia a600 ki btry time kia hy 3G and 4G k sath please reply