QMobile Noir A950 vs QMobile Noir A700

When we talk about smart phones, the names that usually come to our mind first are Apple and HTC. They are the ones who are currently ruling the global market of smart phones along with Sony and Samsung. They all contain unique features and all of them are busy giving tough competition to each other. But in Pakistan the situation is bit different. These manufacturers of smart phones do have a good market value in Pakistan but they are not the ones who are ruling in the local market. Q Mobile, a local cell phone company is currently ruling the market locally.

Q Mobile is known for producing good products at cheap rates. Mobile prices in Pakistan are high compared to buying power of people and that is why many people avoided buying smart phones with latest technologies. Q Mobile brought the latest technology to people of Pakistan at such rates that even people of low class today own a smart phone that runs on the latest Android version. 2 of these smart phones that are currently having a superb market value are Noir A950 and Noir A700. There are some similarities and some differences in Q Mobile Noir A950 specs and Q Mobile Noir A700 specs.

If we notice at some similarities then we get to see that both run on the same Operating System. Each of them contain Android Jelly Bean version 4.1. Besides it, these handsets have option of Dual SIM in them which allows them to manage 2 different SIM at a single time. Globally, the concept of Dual SIM is not appreciated much but in Pakistan people truly love this feature in a smart phone. Noir A950 and Noir A700 both have a ROM of 4 GB and a RAM of 1 GB. This much ROM and RAM is equivalent to international standards.

Two of these smart phones do have some noticeable differences as well. One of these differences is found in the processors of these 2 phones. Noir A950 has a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor, whereas Noir A700 has a Quad Core processor of 1.0 GHz. A difference of 0.2 GHz does matter a lot when it comes to comparing user interface. Other difference is in the size of these 2 handsets. A950 is smaller in size compared to A700 and that is why A950 have a smaller display as well. A950 has a display screen of 4.65 inches, which is pretty smaller than A700 display screen of 5.3 inches. Besides all these, there is a good difference in their price as well. Noir A950 price is 26500 Pakistani Rupees and Noir A700 price is 23000 Pakistani Rupees, which means their price has a difference of 3500 Pakistani Rupees and it is surely a good amount of money in Pakistani.

Both phones have hit the market recently and have gained lot of popularity in a small period of time. Both can be said as a great choice in a reasonable price. All now depends upon the person’s personal opinion.

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