QuickPic Material Element Update Released

QuickPic Material Element

In the earlier times, there was no good alternative to the Google Gallery. Although, soon after the misery faced by the many of us. QuickPic came into our lives, the best (in my opinion) alternative to the native Google Photos app. QuickPic is the fastest image browser, which loads thousands of pictures crystal clear. To all the fun and the powerful software, QuickPic Material Element update has been integrated. The version 3.9 of the application brings us QuickPic Material Element as well. Overall, the app is still light, speedy and very simple to use.


However, dont expect a lot from the app just now. The side panel has a spinning arrow animation, a little of transparency with that. Not much has changed but it is still different from what we have noticed in the past. QuickPic Material Element does look to be promising. To sum it up, we find QuickPic as the best Gallery app alternative for you out there. With the QuickPic Material Element Update on the version 3.9, it has been improved to perform even better. So, if your old Google Photos app is messing with you, simply stop waiting…and go for the updated QuickPic Material Element package to ease up your life.


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