Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Price, Specs

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is the hottest topic from last couple of months many leaks have been flying around some might just get right on the spot some might not.

For you we have compiled some of the information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date its specifications and price check out below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs:

As everyone knows that Samsung comes up with two different variant of same models with different chipset as in Galaxy S7 there will be an Exynos 8890 chipset variant and other one will be Snapdragon 820.

Samsung Galaxy S7 might come with a whopping 20 MP camera with a larger sensor.

As previous models Samsung Galaxy S7 will be having a Micro SD card slot but it will not be having a user replaceable battery that means as like note 5 battery will not come out from phone.

The display of Galaxy S7 will be in two different sizes may vary by name due to size difference. One with 5.2 inch display and the other one with 5.6/5.7 inches

It’s likely to be expected that design material will be 6013-series aluminum as used for its predecessor S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is not officially confirmed yet but as per some rumors that it will hit stores in February 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price:

As per previous statistics of price similar to Galaxy S series the price of Galaxy S7 might be 10%-12% less than the price of Galaxy S6.

When we update this when we will receive further updates regarding Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

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