SK Telecom Declared as World’s Fastest Mobile Network

SK Telecom Declared as World’s Fastest Mobile Network


SK telecom which is South Korea telecom company founded in March 29, 1984. who’s CEO is Seong Min Ha and their Headquarters are in South Korea which is now world’s leading telecom operator.


They have more than 50% of market share and they are part of SK group. SK telecom provides many services like GPS, GPRS, MMS, Video phone, 3G and 4G data network.


SK telecom to some extend declared as world’s fastest mobile data network with a speed of 150 megabits per seconds. A file/movie of 800MB can be downloaded in 43 seconds with SK telecom fast data network.


This advance service which is named as LTE-Advanced which is 10X faster than 3G. Recently Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 which has LTE-A feature which can run fastest network like this one.

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