SMS Signatures

SMS Signatures:

SMS signatures are now a days very attractive features for all text lovers so i am posting lots of SMS signatures for all you take a look bellow and use this signatures you want.

English SMS Signatures:

[alert style=”white”] U+ME= LOVE [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Game over [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] End of days [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Life is deceive [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Thief of hearts [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] I am cool fire [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Cricket is My Lifeline [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] I am Hip Hop [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Every thing will be OK [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Mondays Suck [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Proud Being Muslim [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Just Do Shit [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Life goes on [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Destroy what destroys you [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Beauty isn’t makeup [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Alone but happy [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] All iz well [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] I WANNA MAKE U [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] I NO U MISS ME [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Love me more [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Taken by the best [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] FOREVER AND ALWAYS [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Alone in world [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Peace for love [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Smart killer [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Back benchers [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Text killer [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Text machine [/alert]

[alert style=”white”]  ]-[apPy [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Text lover [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] PUNISHER—-> [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] <3 Love iz life <3 [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] </3 Br0ken He@rted Girl </3 [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] I Stay Me 247 [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Kuntry Queen3 [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] King of hearts <3 [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] 99.99% Alone [/alert]

Urdu SMS Signatures:

[alert style=”white”] Kya Scene Hai [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Saien Tou Saien [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Kassssssh icon sad SMS Signatures [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Udas Zindagi  [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Alert text [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Haseena Atom Bomb [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] INTEZAR-E-LAAHASIL [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Lion  of Punjab [/alert]



Names SMS Signatures:

[alert style=”white”] :: GUL :: [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] “Mr Khan” [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] Smart ammy [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] F@D! [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] …R@j… [/alert]


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