The Top 10 Popular Smartphone Apps of 2013

The Top 10 Popular Smartphone Apps of 2013

Today, smartphones are used by people across the world. People are spending a lot of money for buying these trendy and useful communication devices. But honestly speaking, smartphones are nothing without its apps. So, it won’t be wrong to say that apps have played a big role in the global success of smartphones. Below, we discuss the top 10 popular apps of 2013.

  • WhatsApp App


This is a cross platform mobile messaging service. With this app, smartphone users can send videos, images, text and even audios to their colleagues and family who are already on the WhatsApp platform.

  • YouTube App

youtubeYouTube is by far the biggest and the most popular video sharing website. What is more, there’s a mobile app for YouTube. It is popularly called  ‘YouTube app’. The app allows users to watch and share YouTube videos on their smartphones.

  • Google Maps

Google MapsIt is a very popular navigation app. It gives directions and allows you to explore any place on earth where you may be! Google Maps display all important establishments in a particular area. So, if an individual is searching for a nearby restaurant or wants to watch a movie or go shopping, in an area that’s completely unknown to him/her, this app comes across as a blessing.

  • Skype App

SkypeSkype is one of the most popular VoIP services available to netizens. The Skype app allows Smartphone users to utilize the Skype service without spending a single dime.

  • Facebook Mobile App

Facebook MobileFacebook is the most popular social networking website in the world. Millions of users access Facebook everyday through their phone via the Facebook app. In fact, a latest survey shows that Facebook usage via mobile handsets is on the rise.

  • Facebook Messenger App

Facebook MessengerThis is a free app through which users can send messages to their Facebook buddies. It’s very popular among smartphone users, as messages can be sent directly through their phones, without the necessity of logging into Facebook every time.

  • Twitter App

TwitterTwitter revolutionized online communication. The microblogging site is hugely popular among the elites  – top politicians, celebrities, decision makers, the movers and the shakers. Besides, Twitter boasts an enormous number of common users. The Twitter app is a hugely popular smartphone app. Owing to its huge popularity, even smartphone manufacturers are providing this app to their customers as a part of their product’s default application set up.

  • Google+ Mobile App

Google+Google has launched Google+, their very own social networking site in 2011. Google+ is growing by leaps and bounds. Its mobile app is considered one of the most popular smartphone apps available today.

  • WeChat App

WeChatWeChat app is developed in China. It is a voice messaging and mobile texting app and is very popular among smartphone app users worldwide.

  • Instagram App

InstagramThis is a popular photo sharing app, which let smartphone users share images that they have clicked using their phone cameras, apply Instagram filters to the images and share with their Instagram connections as well as Facebook and Twitter buddies, taking social sharing to a whole new level.

These are the top 10 smartphone apps of 2013. Which one is your favorite?

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