Top 10 Tips to Have Beautiful Fingernails

Top 10 Tips to Have Beautiful Fingernails

Beautiful Fingernails

Beautiful fingernails depict your personality and if they’re well-manicured, they make you look put together and sober. Although, it takes a lot of effort, some money and a reasonable amount of your time for a beautiful outcome.  We have compiled 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails.

1. Cut nails right after showering

The first of our 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails is showering. The best way to trim your fingernails is right after you shower. This way, they’re soaked for some time and are pliable without cracking or breaking from a point where you did not want them to. You don’t need to actually soak them though. Just cut them right after you shower.


2. Use Clear Polish

No denying to that a chipped polish doesn’t look good. Although, keep in mind that a manicure doesn’t last forever. Wear clear polish so it gives your fingernails a good and shiny finish.


3. Don’t use nail hardeners

Nail hardeners are not studied clinically. Unless, your fingernails are very weak and fragile. We would suggest you to stay away from them or use them infrequently. This is one of the most important out of the 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails.


4. Don’t use rough files

Always use a fine, smooth file as the old-school methods will only crack or break your nails.  Also, file in one direction only. It will smoothen your nails so you don’t get a rough surface and also reduce the likeness of breakage.


5. Don’t use excessive chemicals

Using chemicals to clean your nails might give them a nice flashy look but it can cause damage for the long term. Never use or leave any sort of chemicals on your fingers/nails for a long duration. It might damage your fingernails as well.


6. Use gloves while washing

The easiest of 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails! As mentioned above, washing powders are highly reactive chemicals. Always wear gloves when you’re doing the laundry. They will not only protect your skin but the nails as well.


7. Make use of your jeans

If you feel that your nail is starting to break or peel in the middle of the day. File it against your jeans, it isn’t as good as an actual file. However, it might just save the breakage and buy you enough time so you can get home and take care of it with all the necessary tools which you did not have access to at work hours.


8. Get the right shampoo

This might be surprising for many but shampoos play a vital role in the appearance of your finger nails. Your favorite shampoo may get you the beautiful hair you’ve always dreamt of but it can also dry your nails. Many shampoos strip the oil out of your hair and result in doing the same to your nails.


9. Avoid using full extensions

Many experts have suggested that using full nail extensions might lead to fungal and bacterial infections. So, we would suggest you to avoid the use of full extensions. However, if you want to wear something…try the nail tips over full extensions.


10. Toenails count too!

All the tips which work on your hands are also to be applied on to your toe-nails. The only difference is that they can have more fungal infections due to being in the shoe’s moist environment so they will require a little more care. All the 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails apply here as well.


I hope our top 10 tips to have beautiful fingernails will help you. Let us know your remarks in the comments!

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