Top 10 Best Free iPhone Puzzle Games

Top 10 Best Free iPhone Puzzle Games

best free iPhone Puzzle games

If you are an iPhone user and want to pass your time to the best, then you should have the best free iPhone puzzle games for sure in your iPhone.   These puzzle games for iPhones will keep you puzzled as well and will help you pass your time easily.

List of  Best Free iPhone Puzzle Games

Block x 3

It is a tile pushing game where you have restricted quantities of moves to put everything in the line.  There are more than 300 puzzles included in the game and this increases the complexity.

Chip Chain

It is a casino themed game in the list of best free iPhone Puzzle games. In this game players are given a task to line up and match the chips with the same numbers.  The virtual dealer and the player then take turn to put up chips on the board.


Another exciting game in the list of best free iPhone Puzzle games is the game named as  Dots. This game is a casual, light and an addictive puzzle game where the players have to line up the dots of the same color.

Flow free

It is a simple and easy game of connecting the dots of the same color on a grid and making sure they does not intersect with the lines on the board.

Puzzle Craft

As the name of the game suggests, the player collect the resources through the multiple puzzle games that are used to craft the several usable tools and buildings for the village.


This game in the list of best free iPhone Puzzle games is a unique crossword puzzle game. In this game you have ample amount of letter tiles that you need to use to complete the stage that can be a tough task to do.

Tetris Blitz

This game in the list of the best free iPhone Puzzle games.  This game is like Tetris and you will still need to  put in line and slot the un-ending shaped blocks so that they are lined up properly.


It is a memory puzzle game in which the players are given a pattern of a 3 x 3 grid and they have to create it again as fast as possible. This game is very much interactive and engaging.

Triple Town

This game is a classic match game where you have a restricted gird and you have to try to merge the opposite tiles so the similar type.

Where’s My Water 2

This game continues the legacy of the fluid puzzle games in which the players have to dig in the earth to provide a fresh supply of water without losing it or contaminating it in the way.

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