Top 15 Best iPhone 5s Apps

Top 15 Best iPhone 5s Apps

The introduction of iPhone 5s has made a new revolution in the world of smart phones. The phone features iO7 and this currently the best operating system by the company Apple and has been loved by many people. Although there are a lot of apps that you should have in your iPhone 5s, make sure that you have these top 15 best iPhone 5s apps in your phone.

top 15 best iPhone 5s apps

top 15 best iPhone 5s apps

List of Top 15 Best iPhone 5s Apps

Newsblur (free)


This social news reader allows you to see the news only you want as well allows you to make friends on the basis of interests you share. It lets you comment and share on the news with your friends and also save stories.

Halftone ($0.99)


With this application, you can give your photos a comic book vintage look and also add great effects to your picture.

Minecraft – Pocket edition ($6.99)


With this game, you can build stuff with blocks and have a great adventure. The pocket edition has multiplayer more via Wi-Fi.



Instagram has rapidly become the best photo sharing service on this earth. It has more than 80 million users now. It is a must need in your phone.



This app helps you stay organized around all of your devices with the help of its cloud based functions to manage and share projects.



The intuitive controls and also detailed graphics will make you love this game like anything. Playing this game on your iPhone 5s will give you the best adventure.

Infinity blade II


It is an award winning game that follows the Siris Journey who searches for the secrets of the infinity blade.



It is like a digital scrapbook that you can easily share among your friends. With the new version of this app, it gets more interesting.

Open Table


Now finding a reservation is not a tough task as this voice controlled function lets you know the available times at the restaurant you want to go to.


This app gives you all the stats and notifications about MLB.  You can even get access to live games with this app.



Another in the list of top 15 best iPhone 5s apps is Tempo. This app does the calendar work for you and remembers your conferences and meetings.



This app in the list of top 15 iPhone 5s apps is a great app to combine your videos, photos and documents in one place.



The most popular browser of Google is chrome and will be a perfect browser for your iPhone 5s. This app is also a must amongst the top 15 best iPhone 5s apps.



This app enables you to see more and more notes on the home screen. It is a digital notebook that synchronizes all the multiple devices. This app is great in the list of top 15 best iPhone 5s apps



This app lets you get all the current news from the internet and also lets you see social networking posts in a magazine style. It is also a great app to be in the list of top 15 best iPhone 5s apps.

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