Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone – Features and Price

Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone – Features and Price

Typo Backlit keyboard for iPhone is quite handy. iPhone is now used all over the world, but search for the best will never end likewise here is another development known as the Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhones that have many user friendly properties.

Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone - Features and Price

Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone – Features and Price

Features of Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone

Here are some of the very basic characteristics and features of Typo Backlit Keyboard for iPhone.

Faster typing:

It types much fast so it will be of greater help for you when you need a faster mode of typing. According to users on an average, it has 50% faster typing speed with very less typos. So in that case it is of great worth because no one likes a pad with less typing speed or of high typos.

More screen space:

It brings back 40% more screen space for typing so it is a wonderful and the ultimate choice.

Backlit Keyboard:

Cell phones must have to be adaptable to any kind of circumstances and hence, the typo has the property of backlit that is a treat for the user. It can be used in complete darkness or in low light. Also this property would not be less than any luxury in a condition like when you are in a complete dark hall and want to text anybody.

Battery Indicator:

Although it is one of the most common properties of mobile phones but nevertheless it is an important property. The new keyboard also features an indicator for the battery that could warn you earlier about your battery condition and capacity.

Quick access to currency keys:

It gives you a very quick access to all the currency keys so that you don’t have to be irritated by those designs of many other phones that do not have direct access to currency keys.

Smart Typing:

In the Typo backlit keyboard there is an smart typing system that enables the us to type with fluent speed without pressing backspace several time because it has an enabled auto-correction system. That reduces the time elapsed during typing and reduces the number of errors automatically.

Quick Rapid Charge:

The rapid and quickly chargeable property of the typo backlit keyboard is one feature which makes it extremely great for users. The less battery consumption and quick recharge is quite helpful and an important feature of this keyboard.


This high-end technology is available for as low as US $99.

So there was a brief view on the properties of Typo backlit keyboard, now you have a better view about this hi-tech and amazing piece of technology.


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