Ufone All Sms Packages Details

Ufone All Sms Packages Details:

Ufone All Sms Packages Details

Ufone is the most famous and favorite mobile network connection in Pakistan. So Ufone offers various sms packages for the customers in different categories like daily, monthly and yearly. According to survey that Ufone is the mostly widely used and popular mobile connection because of lowest rates. All sms packages have their own way of activation and deactivation. In this post, we will explain all details of sms packages. Ufone sms packages can be easily confirmed by sending the blank sms on 606. The important details of activation and other price range of Ufone sms packages is given below. So all Ufone customers should study this post in order to choose the best package according to their demands. In this post, we will provide all the details for the activation of any Ufone sms package.

SMS Packages


Number of SMS

Validity Period

Send SUB To

Yearly SMS Package Rs 666 plus tax Unlimited OneYear 601
SMS FNF Package Rs 5 plus tax Unlimited 30 days 604
Daily SMS Package Rs: 1.99 plus tax 600 24 hours 612
Weekly SMS Package Rs: 10 plus tax 1200 7 days 608
Daily On Net SMS Package Rs: 2 plus tax 500 24 hours 611
Night SMS Package Rs: 1 plus tax 300 8 hours 609
Fortnightly SMS Packages Rs: 25 plus tax 2500 14 days 603
Unlimited SMS Package Rs 80 plus tax 9000 30 days 607


Important Points About Ufone SMS Packages:

 Now for the Ufone customers, we would like to mention the important points about the Uofne SMS Packages:

  • The most important point is that Ufone SMS Packages do not include the international sms.
  • Secondly, Ufone SMS Packages do not include specific premium sms.
  • All charges are included of GST.
  • The validity period of daily sms package is 24 hours from the time of its activation.
  • In order to check the remaining SMS and plus the expiry date user should send the blank SMS to 606.
  • If user wants to deactivate any sms package then he should write UNSUB to 506.
  • Moreover, if person wants to deactivate his weekly sms package then he should send the message of UNSUB to 8066.

 Subscription Method For Ufone SMS Packages:

Now the question is that what is the subscription method of Ufone sms packages? In order to subscribe any SMS package person should apply the below mentioned simple procedure:

  • The first step is that person should write the message of Sub.
  • The next step is that person should send the message to the particular number like 603, 604 and 602.

So these are the most popular and widely used SMS Packages by Ufone. If any Ufone user wants to use the best package according to his budget then he should choose the above mentioned any package. We would like to mention that these sms packages are affordable and perfect for every person. In the final conclusion we can say that if haven’t use Ufone sms packages then don’t waste your time and activate any package according to your demands.

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