Whatsapp New Privacy Settings – Give More Safety To Its Android Users

Whatsapp New Privacy Settings – Give More Safety To Its Android Users

Whatsapp is the name of an instant messaging application available for smart phones. Along with text messaging, it also allows you to send images, videos and audio messages for free to any of your contacts. It is compatible for use in Google Android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Nokia Windows and multiple other such software. The Whatsapp New Privacy Settings for its Android Users has now made it even more popular among its 400 million active users.

Whatsapp New Privacy Settings

Whatsapp New Privacy Settings

How To Activate Whatsapp new privacy settings

To implement the Whatsapp new privacy settings, you need to open your Whatsapp application and go to the menu. In the menu you have to tap on the Privacy option which has now been added to the list. In this privacy section you can now choose to whom you wish to show your last seen notification, profile picture and profile status.

No More “Last Seen” Timestamp

The Whatsapp new privacy settings has updated the application such that through this new improvement the users can hide their “last seen” notification from anyone they wish to, thus preventing their contacts from knowing the last time they came online and checked their Whatsapp. But by doing so the users themselves are not able to see the last seen timestamp of their contacts irrespective of whether their contacts have activated the option or not.

This option was previously available for iPhone users of Whatsapp. But the Whatsapp new privacy settings  do allow the android user to hide their profile photo and status; a feature not available to iPhone users of the application.


“Wish Zuckerberg never came up with this whatsapp privacy setting on Android. It was one thing that added spice to whatsapp. Now it’s going to be just another facebook & wechat like chat app”, says one android user. Others however are very pleased with the Whatsapp new privacy settings and see it as a positive move to protect their privacy.

Additional Updates

The update also improved the mute functionality of the application. Now you can mute the notifications of any group that you are a part of and the option actually works. You do not receive notifications of the conversation you have muted unless you open the conversation yourself. This muting option however is not permanent and has to be reselected after one week’s duration.

One other new option is that you can buy and thus gift a Whatsapp 1, 3 or 5 year subscription for anyone.


The Whatsapp new privacy settings have been released but are yet to be made available on Playstore, the Android Store via which the users download and buy all their applications and update them. Until it is made available there, you can download the update from the official Whatsapp website that is whatsapp.com.

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