X, X+ and XL – Nokia Launched their first Series of Android Phones

X, X+ and XL – Nokia Launched their first Series of Android Phones

X, X+ and XL

X, X+ and XL

If you heard Nokia and Android powered phones, you heard it just right! Nokia is now ready to talk about the series of Android phones, X, X+ and XL that will be launched by the Microsoft bought company. Initially, all that one could find was rumors on the subject but lately, the work on these new offerings have been confirmed which is why its makers are now keen to bring the specifications of these Android powered devices to light. Let’s see what the experts have to say:

The Design

As rumors had it and appeared to be true, the X, X+ and XL are a mix of the Lumia design. However, the display size varies in each of the three models to be put forward by Nokia. The XL will have a 5-inch display while the X+ remains confined to 4 inches. An important thing to note here is that these range of phones are not aimed to rock the competition like Samsung’s S5. This is mainly because the specifications or the hardware the models are built with is low cost and involves no cutting edge technology. The only purpose to bring about a range of these phone is their operating system which is of course Android.

The Good and The Bad

When Android and Nokia join hands, there has to be some good. However, good has always been accompanied with the bad and that in the X, X+ and XL is the lack of access to Google Play Store. Yes, that is right! These Android powered Nokias will not be able to access any of the Google features such as Gmail, Maps, Chrome and many more. However, most Android apps will be supported with minimal changes made by developers to each app. In addition to this, Nokia justifies the lack of access with the fact that the company is looking to launch its own app store, “Nokia Store” where it aims to have hundreds of thousands of apps as heard by the experts.

Specifications of the X, X+ and XL

Nokia is not going too large with X which is why it resembles to the Lumia 520 and it will be difficult to tell them apart. Similar bold colors and designs as of the Lumia are available in the X. Some of the specifications which you can find these new Nokia models to be equipped with include the 4 GB Storage and 512MB RAM. The XL on the other hand is being served with a different approach as compared to the other two. Looking to be positioned as a phone fit for Skype, the XL has a 5-inch display with dual cameras; 5mp rear and 2mp front facing one.

There is one thing common among the X, X+ and XL and that is its navigation. All three have one button which is pressed once to go back and the same button needs to be held down in order to go to the home page. Most comments received about the X, X+ and XL say that Nokia has created a Windows Phone that is powered by Android hence leaving its followers confused!

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