You May Disable Whatsapp Read Recipients NOW!

Whatsapp Read Recipients

Were you not tired of the freedom you had earlier? When you could just say… I did not read your message…oh I didn’t check my phone and la bla bla bla. Recently, this was taken by us last week. The whole world was in a panic just because Whatsapp Read Recipients option. Basically, what this option was that whenever a user had read the messages. It would turn the double ticks as blue. Earlier, these double ticks were an indication to whether the recipient has gotten the message on his device or not. However, the greyish double ticks were seen to be changing to blue whenever the message was read. This feature was known as the Whatsapp Read Recipients feature.

In group discussions, you could even see who has read a message and whose device has gotten a message. This was clearly a mess and Whatsapp didnt let the users do anything about it. Although, now is the time to take a deep breath. You can ignore whomever you want to do once again. WhatsApp has now introduced a new option by which the Whatsapp Read Recipients feature can be disabled. The sad part is that you will have to manually download the latest WhatsApp Version 2.11.44 from their own website. We believe, they’re still working on it before they actually put it on the Play Store. Nonetheless, it seems to be working fine on our end. Definitely, a lot better considering the fact that we can easily turn off the Whatsapp Read Recipients feature by simply performing the following steps.

How to disable Whatsapp Read Recipients

1) Go to the settings of your app

2) Open the Privacy Settings

3) Uncheck the Whatsapp Read Recipients Option and you’re good to go

That is all guys, you just saved yourself from all the trouble. You’re a free person once again, thank you WhatsApp!

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