ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard for iPad Air – Specs and Price

ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard for iPad Air –  Specs and Price

ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard

ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard

Are you tired of moving your finger here and there while typing on the iPad Air? Are you accustomed to hardcore writing which the device does not allow you to do? If you just answered yes to those questions then the ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard might just be your thing. Brought out as an innovative product for the Apple’s latest device, the back lit keyboard can be very useful if writing is what you frequently do. Be it long, emails, articles or simply chatting, the keyboard comes handy and enables you to keep typing even in low light settings, what else would you want?

The Good Side of ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard

One unique feature which the keyboard brings with itself is the battery meter which enables you to keep a close watch on how long you can actually go until you need to charge your device. Keyboards particularly do not feature any battery meters which is why the ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard is different and worth going after. In addition to this, the keyboard is slim and attractive which means it will not lose the classy touch the iPad Air offers. As mentioned earlier, it is a backlit keyboard and the colors of the keys can be changed as per the environment simply by holding down the light bulb key along with the left arrow key.

The Bad Side

Coupled with the good are some drawbacks which the makers of the ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard will need to improvise on. The casing is actually not a good fit. Although the issue is of minor nature, it may turn out to be a problem for those who like perfection. Moreover, since the charge slot does not support any other cables than the one which came with the iPad Air, you may face the need of removing the case every time your devices needs to be charged. Finally, the ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard  gives it a hinge opening which is perhaps not so modern. If the company behind the keyboard can work towards these fixes, the keyboard can turn to become a flawless model perfect for everyone’s use.

The ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard At a Glance

  • Dimensions: 6.82×9.55×0.299 inches
  • Battery: 950 mAh rechargeable
  • Design: Hinge style, 135® viewing
  • Keys: Backlit with interchangeable colors
  • Works via BlueTooth

The Final Word

If you like to have a complete device which can be used for work as well as fun, the ZAGGkeys Folio Backlit Keyboard works exceptionally well. Make the most out of your iPad Air simply by connecting it with this modern day keyboard which enables you to write all you want. Now, your iPad will not remain restricted to less text involved work, you can do anything and everything you want once the keyboard is connected!

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