Zong Introduces Book You Number Online Offer

Zong Introduces Book You Number Online Offer:

Zong Introduces Book Number Online Offer 001

If we talk about affordable and most popular mobile network companies in Pakistan then without any doubt we have to mention the name of Zong. Every year, Zong offers numerous attractive services and packages to the customers. Recently, Zonfg has launched latest and exclusive offer for the customers i-e book number online. Now the question is that what is the concept of this offer? By using this offer, customers can get their SIM through the official website of Zong. After the confirmation of online booking, Zong customers can get their SIM through any authorized franchise and customer service centre of Zong.

Objective Of Zong Offer:

The main objective of this latest offer by Zong is that to facilitate new clients and in this way more and more customers will get attract towards the Zong. After booking the number through online facility, new customers can easily collect their new SIMs from their nearest customer service centre without facing any problem.

Moreover, Zong offers this service to the customers at every Zong call centre, customer service centre and Zong franchise.

Method For Subscribing Zong Offer:

Now the question is that how Zong customers use this offer? We would like to mention that new numbering series of Zong i-e 03111XXXXXX and 03110XXXXXX has been introduced for the customers and they can get the number according to their choice. The best way to use this offer is that customer should visit the official website of Zong i-e www.zong.com.pk. Just by applying simple steps, they will get their new SIM.

The last thing we would to mention for the Zong customers that they can get only five SIMs on their same ID card number. After the submission of booking request, Zong customer will get the ticket number. So if you are the new Zong customer and you want to get new SIM then you should avail this service.

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